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26 September, 2023

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations - Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Throughout the final week before the October holiday, all of our Secondary Mandarin students took part in cultural activities ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday 29 September. The students learned how to make moon cakes as well as learning about some of traditional elements of the festival. The delicious moon cakes were made during their lessons – the students really enjoyed themselves in the process.


We do activities such as this to develop a deeper understanding of one of the most important festivals on the Chinese calendar. Through doing this activity, the students not only enjoy eating the moon cakes themselves but can also show gratitude to parents or friends by giving the moon cakes as gifts. They learn what the Mid-Autumn Festival is, increase their cookery skills and they develop a greater understanding of the typical foods associated with the event.