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07 September, 2021

Bai Lu (White Dew)

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Bai Lu (White Dew)

Today is the beginning of Bai Lu (White Dew)--one of the 24 solar terms according to the Chinese concept of time.

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As the weather turns cooler and the temperature becomes lower, the water drops begin to condense on the ground or grass leaves. These are typically autumn weather phenomena during the White Dew period. White Dew begins when the Sun reaches the celestial longitude of 165° and ends when it reaches the longitude of 180°. The scorching summer heat gradually gives way to the autumn cool. However, the weather differs greatly from place to place in China. It could be still warm in south China. In some places, there is an important custom of the day which is to hold a big worship ceremony to the God of Water named Yu the Great, the hero who conquered huge flood and founded the first dynasty in China. 

The cool temperature upon the arrival of autumn brings back the appetite of many people. People also pay more attention to preserving health during the period of White Dew to prevent asthma and bronchitis as such. Traditionally, Chinese people will drink pear soup or eat pears and food containing more vitamins in the hope of tonifying the spleen and moistening the respiratory tract or shin as the weather getting drier after White Dews. In some southern places of China, people would not miss eating longan to preserve their health. In some other places, people would collect ten types of white colour food, and eat them on the White Dew day, which is believed can help them stay healthy and lucky. 

Here is an extract of the earliest poem in China:


The lush green of the riverside reed
The dew that has turned to frosted beads

By Catherine Mang




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