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16 September, 2021

What's the matter!

What's the matter! In Science Year 4 are learning about States of Matter.

In Science Year 4 are learning about States of Matter.  Having previously learnt about the three main states: solids, liquids and gases, this week Storks explored how materials can change from one state to another through the processes of heating and cooling and understanding what happens to the particles as they change. 

Having learnt that all materials have different melting or freezing points the children were interested to find out what the melting point of chocolate is.  In order to do this, first they had to plan their investigation using their Be Collaborative and Be Curious skills.  Having made a prediction about which temperature water would melt the chocolate fastest, a key component of the investigation was ensuring that it was fair. 

Storks discovered that they warmer the water was, the faster the chocolate melted.  From the investigation they discovered that at 25OC the water was too cold to melt the chocolate, at 44OC the chocolate melted slowly but the best temperate was 57OC.  Being the inquisitive group of children that they are, they then researched to find the exact temperate and learnt that milk chocolate will melt at between 40OC-46OC. 

By Kerry Barnard

Year 4 Group Leader

Year 4 Storks Teacher