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23 February, 2022

Shadows, Pigs and Hobbies! A Flash of February

Shadows, Pigs and Hobbies! A Flash of February

In Nursery, the children explored three materials through the story: The Three Little Pigs. The children got hands on with grass, wood and stone and built their own houses! The kids were able to identify the three materials from the story.   

Reception children enjoyed a fabulous time learning about light and shadows. The children used flashlights and their hands to cast shadows against the whiteboard while speaking the target language in Chinese: words such as ‘light’ and ‘shadow’. We gazed out the window and the children pointed to the sun and they identified that as ‘light’ in Chinese. The children also learned the words ‘bright’ and ‘dark’. Such a fun day! 

In Year 1 (non-native group) the children learned how to talk about daily life. We had different conversations and did a variety of activities to practise the language. The children learned how to express their interests, such as ‘I love to read; I love writing; I like playing games; I like writing Chinese characters; etc.’  We had lots of games and classroom activities that the children loved! 

Year 6 (non-native group) used their Fluent Thinking skills, came up with lots of great ideas to help them write their own story. We used a collection of vocabulary, story maps, and visual aids to allow the students to write creatively. The students reviewed the vocabulary by playing a collaborative memory game.


By Kate Du

Chinese Teacher