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30 March, 2022

What an Egg-citing Book Week!

What an Egg-citing Book Week! Year 2 have had an egg-cellent, action packed Book Week, focusing on our theme ‘Give me a clue!’.

Year 2 have had an egg-cellent, action packed Book Week, focusing on our theme ‘Give me a clue!’.

The week started with a suspicious crime scene in our corridor. We could see the outline of the victim and some clues surrounded by crime tape. What had happened? Who was the victim? The children would soon find out…

Unfortunately, it seemed that our poor victim was Humpty Dumpty and someone had pushed him off the wall. We heard from Detective Binky who asked us to help him solve the case. We then became Detectives on the case and we were determined to solve it! The Year 2 children were so excited to get started and soon they were discussing who might possibly have done it. They used QR codes to scan the different suspect interviews and collect the evidence they would need. There was so much wonderful discussion as the children pieced together the events that were happening around the time of the crime. Finally, the children each decided who they thought had pushed Humpty Dumpty and wrote a letter to the detective to convince him to arrest the suspect. Our week ended with finding out who had pushed Humpty Dumpty, and to the children’s surprise the Year 2 teachers had innovated their own version of the story so the ending was not the same as the original!

Why don’t you use the QR codes to listen to the evidence and see if you can work out who pushed Humpty Dumpty?

This week, Year 2 also enjoyed many other Egg related activities. We made chocolate cornflake nests for chocolate eggs, tested how well we could make a parachute for an egg, decorated eggs and completed some egg Maths activities too. This was along with our Book week Read-a-thon and Book Character Dress Up.

What an egg-joyable week!


By Emily Kingett

Year 2 Elephants Class Teacher