10 February, 2023

Year 6 Transition Assembly

Year 6 Transition Assembly - Year 6 Transition Assembly
Year 6 Transition Assembly
The Student Council’s Year 6 transition team put on an assembly on the 9th of February 2023 for the year 6 students as an introduction to their upcoming transition in the summer term.
The assembly was put together by the Secondary Student Council, with the supervision of Ms. Malinowska. It has been put in preparation since before Chinese New Year break and had been in progress for approximately 3 weeks. The team included information about the transition days, what Year 6 can look forward to, as well as a video from the teachers as a welcome.

There have been a number of obstacles the team had to go through, such as members missing meetings due to clashing schedules, having a tight schedule to finish up parts of our assembly, and team members missing the main assembly due to being abroad and having exams.

However, through all of this, our team has managed to all work together and contribute to the assembly which was amazing, and we are all proud of. We have had great feedback from teachers, as well as the year 6 students themselves.

This experience was an enriching one and our team is looking forward to getting to know the year 6 students better and help them through their transition experience!

Written by Aliya, Y10.3

on behalf of Thong (Y13), Serena (Y10), MJ (Y10), Jun Qi (Y10), Arwen (Y9), Sasha (Y9), Ramaira (Y7)