23 February, 2023

BSKL Swim Gala 2023

BSKL Swim Gala 2023
BSKL Swim Gala 2023
The 2023 swim galas went smoothly for the past 2 weeks for Primary and Secondary. Here are the results.

Over two weeks the BSKL community has witnessed Year 1 to Year 9 students taking part in their respective year groups. With parents being invited back on school site to spectate this event this year, has certainly made the atmosphere more lively with the ever enthusiastic cheering. The Swim Department would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for making this event ever more memorable for your children.


From treasure hunting by the young Year 1 and 2's to amazing swims by secondary school swimmers blitzing down the pool lane has had the whole school engrossed with nail biting finishes, it all just comes to show off the enormous swimming talent that BSKL currently possess and hope to continue to harness and develop. With the differentiated races of keeping swimmers with similar abilities competing with each other has made the difference in making the races more exciting to watch.


Without further adieu, the results for Primary School are as the following:


1st Vikings 1393

2nd Saxons 1302

3rd Normans 1242

4th Romans 1241


The results for Secondary School are as follows:


Year 7 Boys & Girls Combined


1st Vikings : 280

2nd Romans : 276

3rd Normans & Saxons : 260


Year 8 Boys & Girls Combined


1st Saxons 342

2nd Normans 306

3rd Romans 282

4th Vikings 276


Year 9 Boys & Girls Combined


1st Saxons 330

2nd Romans 306

3rd Vikings 226

4th Normans 190


Overall Primary and Secondary Combined Results are as follows:



1st Saxons 2234

2nd Vikings 2175

3rd Romans 2108

4th Normans 1998


We hope to see a stronger return of house competition next year and this is Coach CT signing off along with the rest of the Swimming Department.