31 March, 2023

BSKL Golf team take on Black Mountain

BSKL Golf team take on Black Mountain - BSKL Golf team take on Black Mountain
BSKL Golf team take on Black Mountain
We took 8, very excited, but fairly nervous students to Hui Hin, Black Mountain Golf Resort last week. These students were competing in our first FOBISIA Golf Competition, representing BSKL.
The students did fantastic, and played really well throughout. Competing against 120+ students from 18 different schools across SEA. We did not bring home any winners medals, however, we brought home plenty of great memories and priceless experience. Zara Lee, Y8, did win the closest to the pin on day 2, landing it 0.8m away from the pin - hugely impressive! Megan Lee, Y9, was asked to write about her experience, check it out below:

“The moment we arrived at the Black Mountain golf Course, a wave of fear and nervousness shocked me. I was nervous for the competition, however after we arrived and went to our villas, went for a practice round with our team the next day it felt like I was just on a holiday with friends playing golf. All the negative feelings disappeared, and I was having fun. 

The next day was competition day 1, the atmosphere was different, and everyone got up early and ate a light breakfast then practiced either putting, chipping and went to the driving range before their tee time. We stayed and cheered for our team’s first player to tee off (Jaime, or as we call him, Dad). When it was almost time for me to tee off, I was very nervous. I was nervous of topping my first drive or duffing it or just generally messing it up. There were many spectators and our coaches and teammates and parents were there to watch the tee off. On top of it all there was a guy announcing the name and school of the player teeing off. However, despite all that my first tee off wasn’t bad and made it to the fair way. During my first round of 18 holes, I had some amazing holes however I did have some really bad holes where I either got double par or I lost a ball. It did make me down, but I had to keep playing and just forget about the last hole. 

This experience made me realise that golf is a mental game as if you cry or start making a fuss over your golf game and the mistakes, you'll be bound to play badly continuously. So having a positive mindset the whole way through the game will benefit your performance a lot. 

For competition day 2 it was just as similar as day 1 however I did play worse and lost quite a bit of golf balls which made me shed a few tears in frustration as deep down I know I can play better but I didn’t which made me really worked up. After I finished the round for day 2 I was so frustrated and began crying again but I realised later that there were many others that played just as bad as me or worse and also shed tears which made me feel better. 

Finally, after the round we went to a water park where there was lunch and an award ceremony to present the winners for the golf FOBISIA ‘23. Sadly, BSKL didn’t win any awards apart from Zara winning an award for closest to pin day 2 on a par 3. We ended the FOBISIA golf competition proud despite coming home empty handed as we all tried our best and represented BSKL for FOBISIA golf for the first time. 

In conclusion, FOBISIA golf was a great experience and I think that BSKL should continue to participate and grow the team and come back stronger to win next time. I really enjoyed this experience and want to thank the coaches and parents for making this happen”.