07 April, 2023

'Eternal' Complete This Year's Social Enterprise Challenge

'Eternal' Complete This Year's Social Enterprise Challenge - Eternal Complete This Years Social Enterprise Challenge
'Eternal' Complete This Year's Social Enterprise Challenge
'Eternal', this year's Social Enterprise team, completed their journey by presenting to a guest panel including Dr O'Connor, Dr Geddes, Mrs Humphrey and special guest David Goldstein. 

This year has been a very challenging year for the Social Enterprise team. As the only team that went through the whole process of the Social Enterprise CCA hosted by Mr Alexander, the team of Eternal has been able to build on our experience in dealing with communication issues, suppliers and marketing issues. Throughout the whole year, from coming out with the concept of the product to finally having the product produced in person and selling it, our team has been working very hard on it and hoping to make an impact on the environment. We decided on the motive of our social enterprise when we researched that Malaysia has been hit with more and more floods in recent years, therefore we have collaborated with APE Malaysia to plant trees. Coming out with the concept of the bracelet with the pendant of our logo as a tree was hard, but it eventually came true. All of our profits made throughout the year from the Pink Day sale, Christmas Bazaar and finally the Green Market this week will all go towards planting trees in Borneo. We would like to extend our sincere Thank You to all the people that have been supporting us and our cause.

Ethan, Rashaan, Christina, Oleg, Dominic and Cameron

As well as Dr O'Connor, Dr Geddes and Mrs Humphrey, we invited guest parent David Goldstein to watch the final presentation and grill the students on their experience over the year. Below is his review of the event:

Dear Mr. Alexander, 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review the performance of the Eternal team.  My main feedback is that this opportunity allowed the members of the Eternal team to have a realistic experience of seeing how hard it is to create a business from nothing and all of the challenges that come along with it.  I am sure they now realize that even small issues can become big ones if the team does not communicate well.  The Eternal Team overcame initial communication issues by working even closer together in a structured manner that enabled them to deliver an excellent result.  

All the best,

David Goldstein