26 May, 2023

First KL Big Sing Ever Hosted at BSKL

Big Sing
First KL Big Sing Ever Hosted at BSKL
On Saturday May 20th over 350 students from across Malaysia descended on BSKL to take part in our first annual KLBS – Kuala Lumpur Big Sing – Event. Schools had been given music for 7 songs at the start of February to learn with their choirs so that when they arrived we all knew the same music and could have some fun with it. In the morning we sang together, learned how to do a stadium wave and also learned lots of dance moves so that we could impress our audience in the afternoon.

For our afternoon rehearsal at 1pm our amazing pianist Ms Vinson was joined by a live band made up of our wonderful guitar teacher Mr Fadley Fauzi, our fantastic drum teacher Mr Aidil Azali, and two lovely sixth formers Ayden & Zara sharing the role of bassist. The students loved singing with a live band, a new experience for most.

At 3pm the audience arrived and by 3:30pm the theatre was almost a complete sell out with everyone eagerly awaiting the performance. The KLBS mass choir began the concert with a traditional Scottish piece Circle March which was followed by primary assembly favourite Sing Together the line when we sing together it’s a lot more fun really resonating today. This was then followed by a setting of the traditional song Wayfaring Stranger where the choir had to really concentrate hard on their choral skills of singing in tune and following the conductor. Our final piece in the first half of the concert was Rollerghoster with students pretending to be riding a ghost train, showing the audience how scared they were and undertaking some collective dance moves, they performed this brilliantly.

In the next section of the concert we had 4 solo pieces from visiting choirs from AISM, Marlborough College, St Joseph’s and Tenby School Sertia Eco Gardens. Their choirs sang beautifully and it was lovely to see their different approaches with St Joseph’s actually taking to the floor literally for their performance of Wah Bulan.

The final mass choir section of the concert was kicked off by the Alan Simmons song Pop Idol where the students sang about how much they love singing and how great they think they are at it! This was followed with more crazy dance moves in the tongue twister song I Wanna Boogie by Matthew Thomas and the concert concluded with the chart smash hit Best Day of My Life by the American Authors. We hope this was a Best Day for all the students involved and hope to see them again next year at KLBS 2024. If you would like your child to be involved next year please what out for the sign up list that will go out in January.

Ms Howarth