28 June, 2023

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands - Battle of the Bands
Battle of the Bands
Over the last few weeks, students in Year 8 have been collaborating as part of a team in their Music lessons to create a band, rehearse their chosen song and prepare a final performance.
As well as making music, each band have been designing logos and working hard to produce an item of merchandise; these ranged from t-shirts and band artwork, to tote bags and plushies! 

After performing in front of their classmates, 5 bands were selected to perform in the final Battle of the Bands showcase. These included:

1. Cloud9 - 'Feeling Good' 
- Band: Andree, Marika, Reese, Gisselle, Queeniesha, Layla, Anya, Abigail, Si Rui
- Designer: Reese

2. The Bossy Novas - 'Fly Me to the Moon' 
- Band: Simon, Abeer, Matyas, Aryan, Ibrahim
- Designers: Simon and Abeer

3. Numerical Constellations - 'Counting Stars'
- Band: Chloe, Seren, Roujun, Kaixin
- Designer: Alis

4. The Barnies - 'Pork and Beans'
- Band: Paxton, Caitlin, Sarah, Leonard
- Designer: Charmaine

5. The Balia Polis - 'Fly Me to the Moon'
- Band: Scott, Jia Hong, Darren, John Mark
- Designers: Oscar and David

After watching each of these fantastic performances, we welcomed Mr Uddin to the stage, who blew the audience away with a surprise rendition of 'Gangsta's Paradise'! Our 3 judges then presented a number of awards to celebrate the students' achievements and successes.

Individual Awards:

Leadership - Andree
Best Solo - Leo
Most Committed - Oluwatobi
Most Resilient - Georgy
Most Ambitious - Jasmine

Band Awards:

Ensemble Skills - Numerical Constellations
Originality - Cloud9 
Stage Presence & Best Merchandise - The Barnies

The entire year group has demonstrated an incredibly high level of ambition, enthusiasm and creativity throughout this project. I have been very impressed with the time and effort that students have dedicated to preparing high quality musical performances and producing original merchandise. What a brilliant way to end the term - well done Year 8!