29 September, 2023

BSKL Hosts AIMs Swim Meet - Year 9 Student Cross Country Achievement

BSKL Hosts AIMs Swim Meet
BSKL Hosts AIMs Swim Meet - Year 9 Student Cross Country Achievement
BSKL recently played host to an exhilarating AIMs Series Swimming Leg 2 meet, featuring primary school swimmers from Year 3 to 6, who dove headfirst into the pool for an intense head-to-head competition against Garden International School. With more than 140 talented young swimmers participating, the event showcased the incredible potential of future aquatic stars. 
The competition took place on Monday, September 25, 2023, at the BSKL Swimming Pool. This friendly meet marked the second leg of the AIMs Series Swimming. The AIMs Series Swimming competition is designed to foster friendly competition among international schools in Malaysia, promoting sportsmanship and teamwork among young athletes. 

The swimmers from both BSKL and Garden International School displayed exceptional talent, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the event. They competed in a range of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly events, thrilling the spectators with their speed and skill, covering distances of 25 metres for age 9-10 and 50 meters for age 10-11. The highlight of the evening was the 100 meters Individual Medley race, where swimmers had to show knowledge of the 4 swimming strokes plus the competitive turns involved.  

Despite an outstanding performance from BSKL, Garden International School emerged as the victors of this leg of the AIMs Series Swimming. Their swimmers showcased remarkable strength and endurance, securing the top positions in multiple events. The collective effort and dedication of the Garden International School team earned them the title for this series. 

BSKL, however, did not falter in the face of this defeat. The coaches and teachers at BSKL have expressed their unwavering confidence in their young athletes and are determined to come back even stronger in the next term. They see this competition as a valuable learning experience that will help their swimmers grow and improve their skills. 

The AIMs Series Swimming competition will continue with Leg 4 scheduled for January, and BSKL is gearing up for a spirited comeback. With rigorous training and a renewed sense of determination, the BSKL swimmers are already setting their sights on future victories. 

Speaking about the event, Coach Wilson Chai, the head coach of BSKL's swimming team, said, "This competition was a fantastic opportunity for our young swimmers to test their skills and learn from their peers. We congratulate Garden International School on their outstanding performance, and we look forward to the next leg with great anticipation. Our athletes are committed to working hard and improving, and I have no doubt that they will make us proud in the upcoming competitions." 

The AIMs Series Swimming Leg 2 meet at BSKL was not just a celebration of competition but also a testament to the commitment and dedication of young swimmers, their coaches, and their schools. It is a reminder that, every race is an opportunity to grow, learn, and strive for excellence. The future of Malaysian international school swimming looks promising, and we can expect more thrilling competitions to come.

On a separate note, Zachery Y. (Year 9) competed in the MSSS Cross Country State Championships along with 160 other runners from 10 other districts within the state of Selangor. Representing the district of Petaling Utama, he did the school and district proud by coming in 24th earning crucial points to help Petaling Utama secure overall 3rd place in the competition. The coaching team headed by Pn. Rosalinda from SMK Kota Damansara 4 has vowed to come back stronger next year.