20 October, 2023

Senior Math Challenge

Maths Challenge Success
Senior Math Challenge
Congratulations to the group of brilliant Year 10-13 students who took part in the Senior UKMT Maths Challenge on 4th October.

Take a look at some of the challenging questions they tackled below. Could you solve them all? The full paper can be found here.  

Senior Math Challenge - Senior Math Challenge 2023

Despite the challenging questions, 11 students achieved Gold, 23 achieved Silver and 32 achieved Bronze – incredible work!  

We would like to recognize the achievement of the following students who earned the prestigious Gold Certificates:

Darren (Year 10)
Emma  (Year 10)
Chaebin (Year 10)
Kyra (Year 10)
Qi Mah (Year 11)
Shumala (Year 12)
Taehyun (Year 12)
Kangmin (Year 12)
Matthew (Year 12)
Jihu (Year 12)
Ping Thoo (Year 12)
Carys (Year 12)

A special congratulations to the following students:  

- Darren who achieved best in Year 10.

- Qi Mah who achieved best in Year 11.  

- Matthew who achieved best in Sixth Form and Best in School!

We have lots of exciting Maths competitions coming up this year, including the follow on round for this challenge, the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1, which some of Gold certificate recipients will be taking part in. In addition, our Sixth Formers and Year 11s are taking part in the Ritangle challenge, tackling challenging Maths problems in their teams every week.  

Watch this space for the other UKMT competitions BSKL students will be taking part in soon, including the Intermediate and Junior UKMT Maths Challenges.  

You can find more information, questions and solutions at www.ukmt.org.uk.