01 December, 2023

Professional Ceilidh Band From Scotland Take Year 8 Dancers Through Their Paces

Ceilidh Band
Professional Ceilidh Band From Scotland Take Year 8 Dancers Through Their Paces
On Tuesday 28th November the year 8 dances classes were put through their paces by a professional Ceilidh band who had travelled all the way from Scotland to be part of the Kuala Lumpur St Andrew's Day celebrations last weekend.

St. Andrew's Day, celebrated on November 30th, is a momentous occasion in Scotland, dedicated to honouring Andrew the Apostle, the patron saint of Scotland. Despite not being born in Scotland, Andrew is revered as the patron saint since the declaration of Scottish independence in 1320. This day is a vibrant celebration of Scottish culture, featuring traditional Scottish food, music, and dance, and marks the commencement of Scotland's Winter Festival. It is an official bank holiday, providing a perfect opportunity to revel in Scottish heritage and traditions.

The festivities encompass a diverse array of events and festivals showcasing uniquely Scottish line-ups of music, dance, and culture. While the celebrations may vary across different cities, they generally include traditional Scottish food and drink, music, and dance. St. Andrew's Day holds a significant place in the Scottish calendar, offering a chance to celebrate Scottish culture and the warm and generous nature of the Scottish people.

For over a millennium, St. Andrew's Day has been a beloved festival in Scotland, playing a pivotal role in shaping Scottish society and culture. Despite limited knowledge about the man himself, St. Andrew has left an indelible mark not only on Scottish society but also on numerous other countries around the world. The day is a testament to the enduring influence of St. Andrew and the enduring spirit of Scottish culture.

Our pupils were taught a variety of traditional Scottish group dances by the group and should they ever find themselves at a Scottish Wedding or New Year celebration in future they will know what to do. A great time was had by all.