07 December, 2023

BSKL Christmas Concert leaving everyone feeling festive

BSKL Christmas Concert - BSKL Christmas Concert
BSKL Christmas Concert leaving everyone feeling festive
On Wednesday evening, 13 of our school ensembles took to the stage for a 90 minutes Christmas Music extravaganza. Pupils from both the primary and secondary school joined forces to create a wonderful celebration for the end of term 1 at BSKL.

The Advanced Orchestra opened the show with an elaborate version of the favourite 'Chopstix' before playing the Christmas staple Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. This was swiftly followed by one of new ensembles the Ukulele Group who meet together at lunchtime on Tuesdays with Mr Merino. Next Ms Vinson brought on the Junior Choir who performed a wonderfully heartfelt number 'The call'. They were then joined by Mr Lee and the secondary Brass Band and together they performed, what is now my new favourite Christmas song, 'I want a hippopotamus for Christmas'. Their pouty faces were perfect, I can see lots of hippo toys being brought by Santa to fulfil their wishes this year!

The second quarter brought on the flute choir with Ms Lee playing a lovely Christmas Medley, this was then followed by Ms Kim and another new group, the Foundation Orchestra who performed a very energetic version of Jingle Bells. The first half was concluded with the Senior Choir singing 'The Rose' followed by the audience participation piece 'Noel, Noel'. We need to work on some extra singing in the community! If you would be interested in joining a parents choir please email me at r.howarth@britishschool.edu.my and we'll set something up in the new year. There is definitely potential!

The opening of the third section saw the mighty Sax Ensemble take to the stage to perform a Big Band Christmas and Joyful Joyful this was an amazing performance this group just go from strength to strength each time.

The next item took us away from Christmas momentarily while our new group Intermediate Orchestra performed an amazing rendition of Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark arranged by our own Ms Vinson. The students and audience really enjoyed this piece and it was great to venture into another genre. If you are interested in guitar band music we have a battle of the bands style concert on January 11th please check it out.

Another new ensemble, The Advanced Strings, closed this part of the show with the piece Palladio with some amazing solos from Pearl and Kai Liang from year 9 & 10.

The final section of the show started with a student formed group The Jazz Collective. Made up of Abeer, Gisselle, Simon, Scott and Jer Huang, this small group really makes an amazingly authentic jazz sound that would not be out of place in a jazz club in NYC. Very impressive, we look forward to watching them grow over the next few years.

The penultimate group were the close harmony a cappella group The Chamber Choir. Auditioned from the Secondary Voices this small group tackle some tricky music and in the concert they performed a lovely close harmony version of the old favourite 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'.

Finally Ms Kahwoon Lee took to the stage with the mighty Secondary Windband. A group that meets after school on a Tuesday, this 80 strong auditioned band includes many amazing musicians and they showed that to the audience well in the concert leaving us with a flawless version of Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is You.
A collection on the night was taken for the Watoto Children's Choir from Uganda and we raised just over 3000RM thank you so much for your generosity. The choir will be visiting our school on January 17th when we will be hosting a further fund raising concert. Please look for details in the new year.

We Wish you a Wonderful Christmas and a great New Year thanks for all your support this term.

The Music Team.