09 February, 2024

Early Years school trips

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Early Years school trips
This week our Early Years students embarked on some exciting curriculum trips. Even our youngest students in Pre-Nursery had the chance to experience an off-site visit to the Farm!
The 2 and 3 year old students were accompanied by their parents and staff from Pre-Nursery around Farm in the City in Seri Kembangan. They searched for the farm animals we had been learning about and came back excited to have seen peacocks, cows, chickens, roosters, tortoises and even snakes!

In Nursery, the children followed their shopping lists to purchase fruits to try. They have been reading the story Handa's Surprise and searched for the fruits from her basket. They then came back and tasted the fruits at school.

Our Reception children had an exciting time at Kidzania to learn about different occupations and how to earn money from working hard. They became fire fighters, delivery drivers, pilots, nurses, artists and chocolate connoisseurs!

The trips that we offer at BSKL provide an enriching experience for our children as they have the opportunity to make links between their learning in the classroom and the real world. It was wonderful to see their happy faces after returning from their trips and talking about what they had been doing. Thank you to all of the parents who supported on the trips - we couldn't run them without you!