07 June, 2024

BSKL Leaders for Change raise funds to support WWF initiatives

Leaders for Change WWF
BSKL Leaders for Change raise funds to support WWF initiatives
During the week of the 13 May, BSKL Secondary saw an event-packed week from the Leaders for Change, a group of students across the Secondary school, who have been working to create long-term, meaningful relationships between BSKL and various charities in Malaysia, with the objectives of raising funds in support of their cause, and spreading awareness in the BSKL Community of the work these charities do.

One of the charities we are working with is the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, better known as WWF, whose Malaysian branch was established in 1972. During the assembly run by the Leaders for Change, the WWF strand of leaders spoke about the incredible work that WWF-Malaysia does to protect our environment. We not only educated students and staff on Malaysia’s biodiversity, but also advocated for wildlife conservation to our students. For charities like WWF who seek to make the world a better place for us all, it is key to appeal to the younger generation, such as our students, as they have the power to make a change. We also shared more about the work we have done and intend to do with WWF. We had an insightful interview with Ms Suan Tan, brand activation manager of WWF-Malaysia (which you may have seen previously on the BSKL Buzz), and a food sale to raise funds for WWF. 

Our food sale took place on Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th of May during lunchtime, in which we sold food and drinks that are the favourites of our older students: Dominos pizza, Mokti’s soft serve ice cream, Dunkin’ donuts and bubble tea from Tealive. Together with Mr L’Hostis and Ms Twinney, we formulated a plan to help make this sale as successful as possible, aiming to raise slightly over RM2000 for WWF-Malaysia.
The response we received from our Secondary students and staff was absolutely overwhelming, and we were thrilled when we sold out in merely 10 minutes on the first day. Our second day saw us triple the quantities of all of our products, yet we were once again delighted when we managed to sell out all of our items so quickly. Over the course of the two days, we managed to sell 84 donuts, 130 cups of bubble tea, 145 cups of ice cream and 316 slices of pizza, all in the span of just 2 lunchtimes. We are proud to announce that we managed to raise a total of RM5650, so, in other words, almost tripled our target of RM2000! It absolutely amazing to see the support we had from our student and staff community at BSKL, and even more so, the kindness so many people showed us when they donated without asking for any food in return, or paid more money without asking for any change. We are incredibly proud of our BSKL Community for the part they played in raising such an amazing amount of money to help protect our Earth. All the money we raised will go the WWF-Malaysia's general fund, and will be allocated based on their needs. 

Of course, none of this would have happened without the support of our teachers, staff, peers and friends who helped to make this event so successful - a big thank you to all of you. Raising almost RM6000 in two hours shows how committed the BSKL community is to protecting our environment, and for that the Malaysian jungles thank you. Thank you also to the Services and Facilities Department for helping us with the set up of the sale. With the more than the anticipated number of students that came to our sale, the 6 of us were slightly overwhelmed, and so we thank Mr Milliner and Mrs Blaylock for giving up their lunchtimes to help us sell our food and drinks; we would not have been able to manage without you. Most of all, we would like to thank Mr L’Hostis and Ms Twinney for leading this program throughout the year, and for being so supportive of our plans and projects. We really appreciate their guidance and mentorship on this initiative, and we can’t wait to continue working with them for more future events. 

We hope that this is the start of many successful collaborations between WWF-Malaysia and BSKL, and are looking forward to what the next academic year brings… so do watch this space!

Zac (Y8), Ramaira (Y8), Anishka (Y10), Sabina (Y10), Chaebin (Y10) and Sasha (Y10)