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17 May, 2022

Return to competitive sports

Boys running for the ball
Return to competitive sports A lot of exciting developments are happening at BSY and for our student athletes, nothing is perhaps more exciting than a return to competitive sports in Yangon! Mr. Obie has provided an update on what students and families can expect in terms of competitive opportunities this term which you can read on our website by following the link. For those students interested in competing, please contact the PE department for further details and to register your interest.

As BSY creeps back to a full opening, so does the return of competitive sports. May promises to be a very exciting month as BSY have been invited to take part in two awesome events. The first is Table Tennis, due to be held on Sat 21st May. This event is open to all Secondary age groups as well as both boys and girls. Table Tennis has always proven to be a popular sport amongst our students and the hope is this event will round off the year perfectly and prepare our students for more next year. 


Secondly, is a triangular sports tournament of Football (Soccer), Volleyball and Basketball. This is due to be held between Fri 27th-29th May. Although students are not required to represent the school in all 3 sports, the school must have representative teams in all 3 to compete. This is in an attempt to encourage students to take up more than one sporting discipline and broaden horizons. 


Both these events will be held by YIS, as a conscious effort is made to recapture lost time in competitive school sports in Yangon. We encourage our students to capitalise on these new opportunities and proudly represent the BSY Bears just as they did before. Any students wishing to be involved should contact the PE Department for further details and to register an interest.


Lastly, on the theme of competitive sport, BSY has already had some success recently, with the return to physical, competitive school sports. Jeffrey Liew (Yr9) recently participated in a Tennis Tournament representing the BSY Bears. The tournament was combined doubles (with students from other schools), to maximise on court time and was an extremely productive afternoon for Jeffrey, as he and his partner finished in second place overall. This is a great success story and one of many more to come in the coming months. A big congratulations to Jeffrey on his silver placing.


Mr. Gareth Obie

Head of PE