04 July, 2024

Introducing Jeremy Exelby

Introducing Jeremy Exelby - Introducing Jeremy Exelby
BSY's new Physics teacher
Jeremy will be joining BSY this coming August as our new Physics teacher.

My preferred name to students is Mr Exelby and to contemporaries and friends, Jeremy is good.

I was very fortunate to win a scholarship for a science project in my final school years that helped a great deal with my B. Sc Hons degree.  As a result, I am a strong advocate of STEAM projects and believe them to be of enormous value to students. I assist with these activities wherever possible and have also helped with judging a number of competitions.  It was so rewarding whilst in China to see a member of our Astronomy Club go on to qualify in the USA and very soon thereafter to be a co-author of a published scientific paper.

Whilst I am British, I was born and raised in Africa.  My secondary education was at an A level school in the British style and we wrote exams that were marked in the UK, just as happens today with BSY.  The dedicated teachers and the high-quality curriculum were of enormous value in preparing me for a career in science and industry.

Teaching is a second career and I find it to be the most worthwhile.  It is so rewarding to assist young people to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world and to see them set out confidently to make a positive difference.  Both my son and my daughter are now adults with successful careers and their schooling has been a major formative factor in their lives.  I have taught in a number of countries, these being Zimbabwe, South Africa, China, Malaysia and Egypt and am sensitive to the cultural differences of diverse peoples and places.

My lovely wife, Hilary, and I love to travel - to natural places especially, and to keep active - we are often seen walking, jogging, swimming or cycling together. I never really liked physical activities at school, but was introduced to a number of sports there, some of which have provided me with a little fitness and lots of fun over the years… anyone for a game of table tennis?