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06 November, 2015

Interview With Mr Tony Mcmullen, Director of Admissions and Marketing

Interview With Mr Tony Mcmullen, Director of Admissions and Marketing
Interview With Mr Tony Mcmullen, Director of Admissions and Marketing Mr McMullen summed up BVIS in 3 words: Family, fun, passionate

Welcome to BVIS Hanoi, can you tell me a little about your background?

I have worked in International Education for a long time now, starting at the British Council where I was based in Cairo, Egypt, as their IELTS Regional Manager for Africa, Middle East and South Asia to working at universities in the UK and Ireland. All my roles at universities have involved advising international students about the courses that the university delivered. In my last role I was in charge of international marketing and admissions for the international department at the university. In all of my previous positions, I have been fortunate to meet people from many different cultures in an educational setting; this has been so enjoyable.

What attracted you to BVIS Hanoi?

I was attracted to the role at BVIS after speaking to the leadership of the school.  I was immensely impressed by their passion for the school and vision for the future. The school has a firm vision for developing our students into future leaders for Vietnam through a combination of our unique Vietnamese and British curriculum.

I have also travelled to Vietnam many times in the past and have always found it a very friendly place with great food!

What do you see yourself contributing to BVIS Hanoi?

I can obviously contribute from a marketing perspective to the school in line with the vision of the school for our students to be future leaders in whatever sector they wish to enter; but more than that I can also bring my experience from working in Higher Education to the school where I can assist our Secondary students who are considering their study options after BVIS Hanoi. I’m very much looking forward to meeting our Year 11 parents on Monday to discuss university options after their studies at BVIS Hanoi.

Can you sum up BVIS in 3 words?

Family, fun, passionate

What do most miss about the UK?

Going to a football match, online shopping and that’s about it! I didn’t mention family and friends as they are looking forward to visiting me in Hanoi!