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23 June, 2017

STEAM Enrichment Day

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STEAM Enrichment Day
STEAM Enrichment Day

A few months ago the idea of a STEAM enrichment day was formed, the concept being to champion cross curricular learning through activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. A STEAM education encourages research into real life situations, problem solving, collaboration and facing everyday challenges. It helps students to discover a sense of purpose, inspires innovation and develops the realisation that society is responsible for engineering change though our thoughts, decision making and actions.

The UN global goals have also been a BVIS focus this year and making steps towards solving some of the world’s largest issues goes hand in hand with the personal qualities that are nurtured through a STEAM education. Students chose a UN global goal that they feel passionately about and were facilitated by their teachers to research, enquire and come up with a tangible outcome that works towards solving the global issues we face. The results were truly astounding.

Year 7 worked to better understand the problems facing Life Under Water - this work culminated with an aquarium visit and communications with restaurateurs serving shark fin soup!  Other students experienced participating in local environment surveys to examine Climate Action, a visit to the UN Hanoi offices to pitch ideas regarding Gender Equality, the engineering of a rocket to promote reflection on Innovation and Engineering, a meeting with young children at an orphanage to reflect on how BVIS can work to Reduced Inequalities, creative visual arts to build a lasting memory of the day’s work towards the UN goal of Quality Education and all the goals themselves and the delivery of a business pitch to food and beverage leaders in the aid of Sustainable Consumption.

The day was brought to a close through a whole school relaxation and deeper contemplation about the real meaning of the event. Taking time to care for ourselves helps us to realise that all living beings ultimately want the same things, to be happy and healthy. Change starts in the minds of individuals and we have a duty to ourselves, our community and our world to look after our own well being.  When we have created the space necessary to imagine and create in our minds then anything is possible because everything starts with the spark of imagination.

Will Murray - Smith and Emma Corkery