Collège Champittet
31 May, 2023

A wonderful day under the sign of friendship and respect for nature

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The fourth-grade class of Nyon, accompanied by organizers from the association "J'aime ma planète," spent the day at the "Maison de la rivière", which is a place open to natural aquatic and forest environments. It was an opportunity to develop education in ecology and to make children aware of nature through fun educational activities.

The pupils became experts on the pond by playing detectives in charge of solving an investigation. A dragonfly larva was killed in the pond, but by whom? There were five suspects: the goldfish, the gerris, the snake, the heron, or the frog. The students cross-checked the clues and discovered who the culprit was.

They also observed the small inhabitants of the pond and made "land art" with natural elements collected on the banks of Lake Geneva.