Collège Champittet
10 April, 2024

Ski camp highlights: Hitting the slopes in the Aletsch Arena

Ski camp_2024

What better way to say goodbye to winter than with a week of Alpine skiing?

Ski camp is a beloved activity here at Champittet, and it’s easy to understand why. Between thrilling ski runs and spectacular views, this annual camp brings a week of adventure that makes for lifetime memories!

Last month, we headed to Fiesch to hit the slopes in the superb Aletsch Arena. In the crisp mountain air, our primary and secondary students had a great time practising their skiing technique and building up confidence.

However, skiing wasn’t the only adventure awaiting us. Testing their resilience, some students also pitched tents and slept outdoors at an altitude of 2,000 metres. The challenge was well worth it – spending a night under the stars was a magical experience for all. We believe that outdoor adventures are important not only for athletic performance, but also for mental and physical wellbeing.

Our recent ski camp brought us a terrific week of social bonding, connection with nature and new experiences. We’re already looking forward to our next group sporting event – the lakeside races of the Lausanne 20KM!