Collège Champittet
25 June, 2024

Congratulations, Class of 2024! Celebrating another successful school year at Champittet

Congratulations, Class of 2024! Celebrating another successful school year at Champittet - Congratulations Class of 2024

On May 24th, we gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of our 14th-grade students. With performances by our Champittet student musicians and touching words from our guest speakers, our graduation ceremony for the Class of 2024 was joyous and heartfelt for all.

For this special occasion, we were delighted to welcome guest speaker Dr Jocelyne Bloch. Drawing on her experience as a Swiss neurosurgeon and neuroscience professor at EPFL, Dr Bloch spoke about her research into spinal stimulation technology, which enables paralysed individuals to improve their ability to walk. Dr Bloch’s remarkable talk gave our graduates a memorable source of inspiration and motivation.

Another great source of support came from our entire Champittet community. It was heartwarming to see the big smiles of friends, family and our dedicated teachers who have been with our students every step of the way. To our graduating Champiteans: as you step into the future, may your dreams take flight and your aspirations know no bounds. We’ll be watching your successes with pride and cheering you on the whole way!

End-of-year festivities for all

While graduation marks a unique transition for our final-year students, the end of the academic year is a special time for the whole school. Our continuing students enjoyed their very own end-of-year party and awards ceremony, celebrating not only academic achievements but also other key aspects of school life and personal development. In addition to prizes for academic excellence, our ceremony included prizes to reward outstanding students for qualities such as comradeship, leadership and other special merits demonstrated throughout the year.

We also enjoyed short performances from our early-years learners as well as student presentations on activities like music, dance, drama, robotics, visual arts, film, gardening and sports. Finally, students, families, teachers and staff gathered to celebrate the year at our traditional garden party.

We wish you all an unforgettable summer break!