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23 September, 2020

A New School Year, New Challenges and New Opportunities for Growth

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It is amazing to be able to see the students again, and not be limited to a screen. Though the new situation is tough, I have really enjoyed the opportunities it has opened up! Whether it’s teaching outside or readiness to bring technology into the classroom, It feels like we are all working to move forward, through creativity and flexibility.
Whole School Drama Teacher
A New School Year, New Challenges and New Opportunities for Growth Discover how our community has returned to campus while adapting to the new normal.

The back-to-school season is always a busy and exciting time, and this year has truly been one for the books. Returning to campus has been even more eventful than usual as we had been away for so many months. In addition, there are many new changes for students and teachers, both inside and outside of the classroom.

From socially distanced PHE classes to live streaming, find out how we are adapting and thriving in the new normal! Along the way, we’ll also hear from a few students and teachers as well.


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As in all of the ICS classrooms, our music rooms are arranged with social distancing in mind. Students continue working on a variety of different projects, ranging from raps in Grade 5 to original compositions in Grade 12.

Primary rap2

Check out a video of the Grade 5 rap here


"Walk into class

and I know my teacher gets me

Thinking cap on

and you know I’m learning quickly

Hey, hey, hey, hey, okay, okay

Let’s get ready to learn

It’s gonna be a good day

It’s gonna be a good day

It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be,

it’s gonna be a good day"

- Lyrics from the Grade 5 rap

Physical and Health Education

Our PHE instructors have been quite creative with this year’s restrictions. Among other challenges, the mandate for social distancing means that contact sports are no longer allowed. Students have been taking part in a large variety of different activities, including exercise circuits with separate stations.

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While teachers have been busy providing face-to-face classes, many have also been incorporating techniques such as live streaming, access to pre-recorded lessons and independent off-line tasks. This allows students to follow the curriculum when they temporarily need to work from home.


Lunch and Breaks

Break times and lunches are always supervised to ensure social distancing and proper mask usage.

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With all of these measures in place, we are safe and ready to learn.

Check back soon to see more of our educational adventures!