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18 March, 2019

Rosinka Home Learning Exhibition

Rosinka Home Learning Exhibition ISM Rosinka's Home Learning Projects have been incredible so far this year. Read this article to find out all about the brilliant projects at our Home Learning Exhibition. DSC_1785_HERO1

When I was a primary school student back in Ireland, Home Learning (or homework as it was called) involved long, repetitive and often boring tasks. At The International School of Moscow, we do things a little differently.

Our Home Learning Projects have been some of ISM Rosinka’s  greatest successes since their inception last academic year. Our students have been working incredibly hard to create writing, models, videos and other projects linked to what they have been learning in class. It fills me with enormous awe and pride when I walk through the hallways of ISM and see displays of terrific Home Learning. We really have an amazing cohort of students and parents who support their sons and daughters so well.

This term’s Home Learning Exhibition took place on Monday the 18th of March. Each class took some time from their busy schedules to visit the exhibition and look at the wonderful work that other classes have been completing. Parents were also invited and many came in at different times during the day to admire and appreciate the efforts of children from Years One to Six. I visited the exhibition at various times during the day and every single student and parent had positive things to say about the projects on display.


Year One had some amazing pieces of writing all about holidays. I am honestly astounded by the level of writing in Year One; what an incredibly talented bunch of students! Year Two displayed some work on explorers and I was amazed to see these students create their own worlds. Year Three displayed some really colourful work about weather and natural disasters. The level of research in this project was excellent. Year Four displayed some brilliant pieces of writing linked to their topic of ‘The Great American Road Trip’. Year Five showed off astounding models of the solar system. The level creativity shown by the students when making these models was quite incredible. Year Six’s projects dealt with some important issues including ‘Fair Trade’ and the dangers of smoking.


All in all, the students at ISM should be really proud of their home learning. I cannot wait to see the next set of projects come in!

Written by Colm Rowan, Rosinka Upper Primary Phase Leader