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28 April, 2021

One of Our Own

One of Our Own Now is the moment for us to unite together as The International School of Moscow. Melisa’s life depends on our efforts.   Heart for Melisa new logo concept

In the summer of 2017, ISM student Melisa Erdem was diagnosed with an extremely serious heart disease. 

Since 2017, thanks to your help, our school has managed to raise over 600,000 Euros for Year 12 student Melisa Erdem’s heart transplant. We now have five months to raise the additional 500,000 Euros. The race for Melisa’s life is on.

In September of that year, Melisa was fighting for her life in the intensive care unit of an Istanbul intensive care unit. On one day, she required twelve hours of surgery. During this time, her heart stopped twice for more than ten minutes. On that day, we came so close to losing Melisa, one of our own.

Over the course of the last four years, Melisa has miraculously continued to excel in her studies in our school, despite being constantly connected to an external heart device.

The long-term solution has always been for Melisa to undergo a heart transplant. However, as you can imagine, this is both costly and complicated. 

Last month, we received the news that we had all been dreading from Melisa’s Father, that Melisa has an infection and that her heart transplant needs to take place in the next five months.

Our school’s record of raising money is unrivalled in the world of international education. Charity begins at home and at The International School of Moscow we always look after our own.

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Here are some upcoming opportunities for ISM families to help us raise money for Melisa’s heart transplant: 

School Art Auction - 18th to the 27th of May

We are holding a very special online auction, featuring a range of student, staff and parent art work. Please save the evening date of Thursday May the 27th to join us for the final online auction event. The auction go live with the bidding on 18th May through the BidSpirit platform. We encourage to sign up to the platform in advance.  

Moscow Modern Art Exhibition and Auction - 3rd to the 17th of June

Some active and well-known members of Moscow's art world are supporting Melisa by hosting an  art exhibition and auction, featuring works by some of Russia's leading modern artists. If you or any of your friends are interested art collectors (or wish to become one for a good cause), please spread the word and save the date of June 17th in your calendar.  

Half Marathon - May the 16th 

We have several members of staff raising money by running a half-marathon. If you would like to find out more or support them, please follow this link.

Spring Colour and Fun Runs 

Every year, our students participate  in charity fun-runs to promote fitness, enjoy the outdoors and to support worthy causes. This year, all money raised will support Melisa. By sponsoring your child, you can help to make their efforts meaningful and motivate them to push themselves. 

Sponsored Walk for Melisa - 100km in 24 hours  - June the 10th and 11th 

Head of Rosinka Campuses, Mr Charlton, Head of Secondary School and Krylatskoe Upper Campus Mr Storey and myself are on a mission to walk 100km in 24 hours. We will  start on June the 10th at Rosinka Campuses and finish at Krylatskoe Campuses on June the 11th. 

If there are social media influencers willing to share the word when the time comes to help us gain sponsors, we would really appreciate it. If any corporate sponsors are interested in supporting us, please also feel welcome to reach out. 

Full Day Danceathon - June the 25th 

Mr Storey will also be dancing for an entire day, visiting each of our four campuses and warmly welcoming any contributions to keep him dancing.


Now is the moment for us to unite together as The International School of Moscow. Melisa’s life depends on our efforts. 

Any direct donations you may wish to make would be very warmly appreciated.