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04 June, 2021

From Art to Heart: Exhibition & Auction

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From Art to Heart: Exhibition & Auction We are excited to announce the grand opening of the highly anticipated exhibition and auction 'From Art to Heart'! Heart for Melisa new logo concept

We are excited to announce the grand opening of the highly anticipated exhibition and auction 'From Art to Heart'!

'From Art to Heart' is the celebration of art and charity, where you can unwind, learn about stunning modern and contemporary artwork, meet their illustrious creators, and, of course, contribute to a noble cause.

The pre-auction exhibition will launch at 'Cube.Moscow', conveniently located on the -2 floor of Ritz Carlton, at 19:00 on Thursday, June 10th. Since the places are limited due to current COVID-19 restrictions, please register here for the chance to obtain tickets to the opening or attend at any time between 12:00 and 21:00 from the 11th to 16th of June.

Please also save the date for the final auction at 19:00 on Thursday, June 17th. The auction will be held majorly online except for the winning bidders from our school auction, who will receive invitations to an in-person part of the event.

In the meantime, you can register and place absentee bids on the platform, where you will find an online catalogue with all featured artworks. 

'From Art to Heart' presents an exceptional opportunity not only to help Melisa but also to acquire rare and unique artwork by the following artists: 

Haim Sokol, Gosha Ostretsov, Alexander Florensky, Vova Perkin, Liza Plaksa, Exantres, Anya Soz, Katya Garkushko, Ekaterina Gerasimenko, Sergey Boyarintsev, Elena Blagos, Zhanna Bobrakova,  Gruppa AM, Tanya Klyat, Nadia Kosinskaya, Anastasia Litvinova, Kate Finkelstein, Alexandra Fateeva, Victoria Malkova, Semyon Motolyanets, Alexandra Ominina, Daria Neretina, Victor Ponomarenko, Maria Safronova, Anya Zholud, Vasya Horst, Danila Polyakov, Vova Perkin, Misha Goodwin, Nika Chernyaeva, Anna Sedova, Kolosov Sergey, Aleksey Slon, Natalia Spetchinskaya, Liza Tokareva, Dmitriy Zheravov, Kate Zhingel, Alexandra Kokacheva, Irina Babkina, Dmitry Berezovskiy, Vladimir Vassiliev, Alisa Gorelova, Svetlana Bogacheva, Lena Dmitrieff, Maria Golovkina, Gedenidze Noy Nestorovich, Dinara Hörtnagl, Maria Holmogorova, Ivan Razumov, Alex Sorbonne, Jane Sharvina, Evgeniya Sterlyagova, Brad Chapman, Lisbeth Luft.


Paul Keach – the Principal of The International School of Moscow.

Anastasia Shishkina – art critic, Art Director of the Leonid Shishkin Gallery, one of the oldest galleries in Moscow dealing with Russian art of the 19th and 20th centuries.


Olga Timonina – fundraiser of Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Kate Finkelstein – contemporary artist, independent curator.

We would like to thank parents, everybody who offered works from their own collections for the auction, and those who took an active part in organizing the auction.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions:  

Olga: +7-969-034-31-31 

Ekaterina: + 7-925-754-90-57 


COVID-19 Information: If you plan to visit in person, please take some simple precautions to ensure everyone's safety. In case you are concerned about yours or the health of your loved ones, we invite you to explore artworks online here.