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Justin Noack
Head of Lower Campus
07 May, 2024

Early Years At The International School of Moscow

Early Years At The  International School of  Moscow - Early Years at The  International School of  Moscow

Building a Brain: The Vital Importance of a Child’s Early Years

A child’s youngest years are a jubilant journey of discovery, exploration and growth. The impact of the caring attention we provide during these youngest years will echo through the rest of their lives.

Scientific discoveries regarding the early years are fascinating. Research shows us that a young child’s experiences shape the physical architecture of their growing brain for better or for worse. Quite literally, the caring adults around a child are building the foundational structure of the mind they will inhabit for their whole lives.

Did you know… a child’s brain is already 90-95% of its adult size before entering Primary school. They will develop a great deal yet, but the foundational structure has been set.


The Foundational Years

Children who build strong, personal relationships with caring adults, go on to experience better health and more successful life outcomes. As professionals and parents, it is important for us to have warm conversations with children, listening to their perspective calmly, making warm eye-contact and getting to know them deeply.

Play is another important channel through which children explore relationships and the world around them. We must provide them with opportunities for playful learning, curious exploration and budding friendships.

Young children particularly love it when adults enter ‘their world’, coming down to their level and engaging on their terms. Showing a child that they are important and worthwhile, will have a fundamental impact on their self-image and sense of confidence as they grow.

Finally, we must respect and support a child through all the high emotions that come with growing up. A child is likely to experience the loss of a treasured toy, for example, even more intensely than we might experience the loss of something we value, like a phone. When a child is sulking, it’s also worthwhile remembering how difficult even adults can find it to say ‘sorry’.

Processing new experiences is difficult for everyone. Listening quietly, supporting with empathy, and modelling healthy emotional responses are all key ways that parents can support a child through challenges.

Did you know… a 3 year-old’s brain is twice as active as an adult brain. No wonder they can become exhausted and ‘difficult’ as the day progresses!


Early Years at ISM

At the International School of Moscow, our mission places tremendous value on a child’s youngest years. We love inviting parents into the classroom for events like our ‘Stay-and-Play’ mornings, Open Days, Family Fitness Events, and more. We want to help people become the parents we all dream of being!

We also provide a rich environment, full of exciting learning experiences. A child’s character grows in line with our Success Skills, as they engage with opportunities to practice independence, care, creativity, communication and resilience.

We also surround every child with a team of caring staff who understand the joy and challenges of growing up. In an average day at the International School of Moscow, our teachers can most often be found right alongside the children, playing, communicating, showing care and learning together. They know how to foster a sense of self-worth in every individual, even as we enjoy the jubilation of new discoveries.

When interviewing applicants to teach in the Early Years at the International School of Moscow, we always ask a very important question: “How do you nurture a sense of joy for learning in your students?” The teachers whose faces light up with professional passion as they tell stories of the wonder of childhood are the right ones for us!

Navigating the earliest years of a child’s life is possibly the most impactful task a family will ever undertake. As a school team, we are proud to support our children and parents through these years of joy. Working together, we are setting our children up for exciting futures, where success and fulfilment will follow them.