At La Côte International School Aubonne (LCIS), we’re committed to challenging and supporting your child, empowering them with outstanding opportunities, and motivating them to achieve more than they could at any other school. Together, we will shape our children’s future.


We pride ourselves on providing students with truly personalised learning. Our structured approach tailors the education to the child—not the other way round. LCIS isn’t just a school. it’s a vibrant, international family, and our parents, students, and teachers work together to care for each other and make our school the best place for your child to learn, grow, and succeed.
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"Our commitment is to give your child the challenge, support and opportunities they need to motivate them to achieve more here than at any other school." says Andy Puttock, Principal at LCIS.
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Andy Puttock
It’s an honour to lead this vibrant and dynamic school. With over 35 years experience teaching and 25 in school leadership in the state, independent, and international sectors, I can say there’s no greater privilege than working with young people during their formative years. Here at LCIS, we are committed to supporting your child not just to succeed, but to truly flourish.
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As former principal of three schools (two in the UK and one in China) where I was proud to have my own children as students, I experienced first-hand the critical importance of the right choice of school. As principal, I want parents and students to feel they know me well. I encourage them to come to see me anytime, whether to celebrate success or to raise a concern, however small. “I first joined Nord Anglia in 2013 as principal of the British School of Beijing, Shunyi, after 16 years as headteacher of two large and highly successful schools in the UK. I was then appointed Education Director at Nord Anglia, driving the strategy for building an outstanding education for Nord Anglia students worldwide, and guiding the organisation's philosophy and quality assurance. Prior to joining Nord Anglia, I had been teaching French, German, and Latin in the UK since 1986, following a career path through Head of Modern Languages in a large Essex school and then deputy headship, also in Essex. I graduated from Corpus Christi College Cambridge with an MA in Modern and Medieval Languages, and hold a PGCE from Cambridge and a Diploma in Education Management from Anglia University.
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Alison Piguet
Head of Primary
I am proud to have been the founding head teacher of LCIS in 2008. It is an honour to be part of such a wonderful school - its students, its families, its staff and collaborators. The founding and expansion of LCIS from a school of 42 students to a well-established, highly reputed school in Vaud has been and continues to be a labour of love.
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In 1989 I started my career as a primary and middle school teacher in the UK, working with children from 7 to twelve years old. I taught French as a foreign language and assumed a variety of leadership roles in special educational needs, language, and literacy, and acted as a primary phase coordinator. I moved to Switzerland in 1999 and worked in several schools until 2008, when I was offered the incredible opportunity of opening a new international school, LCIS. The founding and expansion of LCIS from a school of 42 Primary pupils to a well-established, highly reputed school in the La Côte region has been—and continues to be—a labour of love.

I have always had a thirst for study, so it’s no surprise that after more than 45 years in education—as a student and a teacher—I remain as committed to learning as I was when I was at primary school myself! I graduated with a BSc in Psychology and completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Education in the UK. I have a Master’s in Educational Management and Leadership, and most recently qualified as a school accreditor with NEASC, an independent international education organisation.

I am passionate about the positive impact schools and educators can make in supporting and shaping students on their learning journey. Mutual respect and collaboration are key values for staff and students to embrace. I believe excellence and striving for the highest performance reflect the giving of one’s best, and lead to personal fulfilment and a sense of attainment.

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Andrew McLoughlin
Head of Secondary
I consider it a great honour and privilege to be the Head of Secondary of LCIS.
In 2018, I joined LCIS after teaching internationally for many years. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our students receive the best possible education in order to help them lead happy, fulfilling lives here at LCIS, and beyond.
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Born and raised in Canada, I completed my Bed at McGill University, specialising in Secondary English and History. After teaching in Montréal for a year, I went on to work at schools in Japan, Australia, the UK, and the UAE, before joining LCIS in 2018. Throughout my career I have had many roles in addition to my teaching responsibilities, including Head of Department, Director of Communications, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, and Deputy Head of Secondary.

I have always found working with young people an enriching and fulfilling pursuit. Beyond my love of literature, I have a genuine interest in supporting students in realising their ambitions, while ensuring they can flourish and achieve success in an ever-changing world.

Besides travel, I also enjoy reading, music, sport, and cooking. A committed lifelong learner, I enjoy challenging myself, and welcome opportunities to try something new.

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the LCIS family, and am committed to ensuring we continue to collaborate as a team to offer our students the best possible provision. This helps them develop the skills to lead happy and fulfilling lives, both during their time at LCIS and beyond.


Year 13 student
“I have been able to blossom and become the person I am today because of my time at La Côte.”
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Year 10 student
“I am so happy to be part of this family because I have been welcomed and accepted. I am thankful, because the school has got me to where I am today.”
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IBDP graduate and former Head Girl
“The LCIS family has encouraged me to grow into the bright and confident student I am today.”
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IBDP graduate and former Head Boy
“The dedication and support provided by every member of staff created a learning environment unique to LCIS. This allowed me to grow not only academically, but also as an individual.”
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Andrew McLoughlin
Head of Secondary
“There is no greater privilege than working with young people during their formative years and supporting them to achieve their personal best, alongside colleagues who share the same commitment to and love of working with children.”
About Us | La Côte International School Aubonne, Switzerland - WHAT OUR COMMUNITY SAYS
Alison Piguet
Head of Primary
“Our students’ wellbeing and success are at the heart of everything we do. That’s what inspires us, and motivates us to get up every morning.”


La Côte International School Aubonne (LCIS) has come a very long way—and in a very short time.


Our original school in Mont-sur-Rolle had 42 students and seven staff in 2008. By the end of the first school year, the number of students had doubled, and we’d opened our Secondary section to serve our growing school community from a larger campus in Vich.


In 2011, we were immensely proud to join the Nord Anglia family of international premium schools, and in 2014 we moved into our brand-new purpose-built campus in Aubonne. Today we’re firmly established as a school of choice in the area, with a thriving international community over 10 times larger than when we started, and 40 nationalities represented in our unique, international community.

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If you’d like your child to receive a world-class education in incomparable surroundings, get in touch today. Our friendly Admissions team will be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

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