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Our teachers combine a wealth of experience and a passion for education to inspire your child to achieve more than they ever imagined possible.


As a Nord Anglia Education school, we attract the world’s best teachers. Through carefully developed programmes, our teachers never stop learning to make sure your child enjoys a world-class education experience.


Every member of the LCIS team contributes to our reputation as Switzerland’s premium school.
Adrienne Millar
Deputy Head of Primary
I am passionate about personalised education for all. It has been my pleasure to be a part of LCIS since 2010 and to see it grow. I have been a teacher in primary schools, as well as an SEN specialist, for almost 20 years, and I hope to continue to help our students succeed and flourish for many years to come!
Alexa Prior
Deputy Head of Secondary
From the positive education experiences I myself enjoyed in my younger years and the amazing memories I formed, I’m delighted that I too can help create something similar for others, knowing that our teachers can make a difference to each and every child in their care.
Gregory Biggs
Primary Assistant Head Pastoral
I first taught in primary and secondary schools in Australia for five years. I was then selected for an Australian Volunteers project in Indonesia, where I helped improve local teachers’ understanding of the English curriculum. Now, I bring my passion for education to LCIS, and I could not be happier!
Mark O’Brien
Primary Assistant Head Curriculum
I am passionate not only about supporting children to excel in academic attainment, but also ensuring they flourish as happy individuals, developing their confidence, communication, and empathy, all qualities foundational to the International Primary Curriculum, which I am proud we teach at LCIS.
Rob Crook
Primary Assistant Head Assessment
Teaching in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, rural Sri Lanka and Warsaw has given me extensive international experience. I have also worked as an education advisor for a large children's charity. I am passionate about empowering my students to take charge of their learning and I also incorporate responsibility-driven learning into my role as a teacher coach.
Valérie Fournet
Secondary Assistant Head Pastoral
I am a firm believer that schools must focus on students’ personal development and wellbeing. As Assistant Head of Secondary responsible for Pastoral Care, I am dedicated to ensuring that we provide the tools and care our students need to flourish academically, socially, and personally.
Emily Hardwicke
Assistant Head Lower Secondary
I hold a degree in English studies from the University of Nottingham and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education. After teaching in the UK and China, I joined LCIS as Head of English in 2016. I am a qualified IB examiner, a Times Education (TES) contributor and I’ve recently used my maternity leave to publish a children’s picture book!
Adam Seymour
Secondary Assistant Head Teaching and Learning
I have always strived to ensure students in my care progress and enjoy learning.
I have a passion for professional development and I am committed to sharing best educational practice with my teaching colleagues, in order to provide the best possible education to our students here at LCIS.


At LCIS, we draw on a range of cutting-edge educational technologies that enhance your child’s learning. Through our safe and secure online platforms, parents can get involved in their children’s learning, too. Through Global Campus, students can access curated content from across the Nord Anglia family and its world-leading partners like Juilliard, MIT, and UNICEF.


Children learn best when they’re happy, and our teachers bring the highest education standards into the classroom to ensure this is a reality. Their international experience gives them a unique lens to teach from, and our online training and collaborations mean our educators are at the forefront of education globally.

Our teachers:

  • Learn through world-leading education providers MIT, The Juilliard School and King’s College London
  • Access best-in-class training exercises through Nord Anglia University
  • Collaborate and share resources with their 10,000 peers worldwide


Our teaching is held to the highest standards and therefore we recruit the best teachers through local and international search and develop them through our own professional development programmes, examination body accreditation and Nord Anglia University. We continuously evaluate their teaching through regular observations and reviews, offering teachers the opportunity to reflect on their approaches and practices, and against school and global benchmarks as well as Nord Anglia’s quality assurance framework, based on best practice from education providers and inspection bodies around the world. We conduct international background checks on all staff, and receive high-level training in child protection and safeguarding.  Our work is strongly supported by Nord Anglia's Global Education Team, which drives success in academics, quality assurance, accreditation and safety across all Nord Anglia schools.


When it comes to international schools, our reputation is based on our high quality teachers who are caring, dedicated and passionate about the subjects they teach. We shape global citizens – and you can be part of it.
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