Ages 5–11

Our Primary curriculum combines the best aspects of the National Curriculum for England (ENC) and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This approach creates an ambitious learning environment which meets the needs of our international community.

English and Maths follow the objectives of the ENC while most other subjects (Geography, History, Science, Art, Technology, Physical Education, and Computing) follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), helping our students grow a global mindset from a young age. The curriculum also emphasises Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE) education which, along with our framework of academic excellence, puts personal development at the centre of our Primary education.

Students enjoy exciting and meaningful enquiry-based units both independently and in groups. They work towards our eight Personal Learning Goals, key qualities which help them develop emotionally and socially. The aim of the Personal Learning Goals is to develop character and attitudes, in addition to knowledge, skills, and understanding. These goals are unique to the IPC and empowers children to confidently state,

I am Adaptable

I am a Communicator

I am a Collaborator

I am Empathetic

I am Ethical

I am Resilient

I am Respectful

I am a Thinker

LCIS offers level-adapted French options, ensuring excellent language acquisition tailored to each student’s academic ambitions. This means students can control the intensity of their language learning in line with their personal goals.


At La Côte International School Aubonne, we offer a truly international education in a supportive and nurturing environment.

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