23 June, 2018

Nord Anglia Comic Book Competition Winner

Nord Anglia Comic Book Competition Winner - nord-anglia-comic-book-competition-winner
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We are excited to announce this year's Judges' Choice and the shortlisted LCIS winners for the 2017/18 Under 8s Comic Book Competition! These students were selected and recognised for their outstanding entries.


As part of the Nord Anglia Global Campus challenges connecting over 49,000 students worldwide, La Côte International School Under 8 students took part in their first creative writing competition this year.

Their challenge was to create a comic book with a superhero as its main character, linked to Global Goals number 11 - Sustainable Cities & Communities, and number 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production.

Our students in Year 1, 2 and 3 produced some very thoughtful comic books, linked to global issues that affect children across the globe. It was hard to select our top 10 comic books, and even harder to narrow it down to six! The final selection of 6 comic books from LCIS was sent off to be judged by our partner school in Chicago.

Following our submission, we were delighted to learn that Ines in Year 1 and Arvin in Year 3 were chosen to have their work published in the Nord Anglia Education Under 8 Global Campus Comic Book anthology and that Arvin's comic book had been selected by the judges as the overall winner of the Nord Anglia competition!

Thank all the Year 1 to 3 students and all Primary teachers involved for supporting the children in what turned out to be a very successful competition for LCIS.