06 July, 2022

Brilliant International Baccalaureate Results for LCIS Class of 2022!

Brilliant IB Results for LCIS Class of 2022 - Brilliant IB Results for LCIS Class of 2022
LCIS students impress with a 35-point average score and a 100% pass rate. 

Many congratulations to the La Cote International School Aubonne (LCIS) graduating class of 2022 on their excellent International Baccalaureate results. 

The LCIS International Baccalaureate graduates obtained an impressive 35-point average score with a 100% pass rate.


As a result of this, our students will be going on to some of the very best universities, in Switzerland and internationally. We look forward to hearing of all of their final university destinations in the coming days.


Principal Andy Puttock recognises all the efforts that go into these achievements:


“It is such a privilege to work with these exceptional students, who can be very proud of what they have achieved in what is recognised as one of the world’s most rigorous qualifications. My warmest congratulations to all of them, and also to their teachers and parents who have supported them in their success”.

Watch a video of our graduation ceremony below or on Youtube here.