08 July, 2024

Exploring beyond the classroom LCIS extracurricular activities


Extracurricular activities (ECA’s), play a significant role in the holistic development of primary and secondary students. At LCIS we place a strong emphasis on ECA’s and offer our students a wide range of opportunities to expand their learning, from sports and arts to academic clubs and life skills.

Every member of LCIS’ teaching staff has to offer a minimum of one ECA as part of their contract. Clubs Coordinator Neda Mihneva says:

“From Y1 to DP2, students can choose to take part in the 133 different ECA’s offered at LCIS. Our students are challenged in a variety of activities in and outside of the classroom. Seeing the enthusiasm from the Head of Primary and Secondary, to all members of the teaching community taking part in a club, along with the external providers, and observing the students’ learning and enjoying is what makes my role so fulfilling.”

Academic Benefits

Academic excellence is core to LCIS, and we know that when our students explore and develop their passions, they thrive; academically, personally, socially, psychologically.

“Research on extracurricular activities (ECAs) has consistently documented positive relationships between ECA participation and cognitive, psychological, and social outcomes for children and adolescents. Numerous studies have shown that ECA participation is associated with higher test scores, better psychological and behavioural outcomes.”

(Extracurricular Activities and Student Outcomes in Elementary and Middle School: Causal Effects or Self-selection? William Carbonaro, Emily Maloney, 2019)

We are a progressive school of our age. Embracing our diverse society and our ever-developing world, we encourage our students to think outside the box and try new activities to see where they might lead.

Categories of ECA’s we offer include:

  • Physical and Emotional Wellbeing, including a range of sports, yoga, and mindfulness
  • Drama, Dance and Music, including Broadway Musical, choir, private music lessons
  • Academics and Languages. Choose further language study, journalism and more
  • STEAM Skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths)

Expanded Worldview

“I believe that education should expand our consciousness, capabilities, sensitivities, and cultural understanding. It should enlarge our worldview.”

(the late Ken Robinson, educationalist)

As well as specific ECA’s, we engage with the world through our hands-on school initiatives, community projects, and international action, helping your child develop the mindset and skills to be a force for change.

ECAs in Focus

Popular after-school ECAs include:

Harry Potter and the Defence Against the Dark Arts

The books and films of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter have been a huge influence on popular culture. Our Muggle students dive deeper into the fascinating subject of ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts.’ Mind games, puzzles, crafts, and magic await!

Broadway Theatre

Learning to think creatively, innovate and appreciate diverse cultures and backgrounds. Broadway Musical Theatre allows students to immerse themselves in drama, games, singing and movement. As well as being fun, performance can be an effective way to communicate ideas and open minds.

STEAM – Coding Robotics

Students enjoy learning with Dot and Dash – a pair of programmable robots that enable our students to learn coding and the basics of robotics. Using creativity and experimenting they give their robot the ability to navigate objects, respond to voice, dance, move, and sing.

Design Technology (GCSE Design Technology Coursework)

Design Technology is a rigorous and demanding subject. This ECA gives students further opportunity to access equipment and processes such as physical modelling equipment and computer-based design or manufacture. They develop their project work and seek support to aid in their success.

Horse Riding – Centre des Dudes

We are privileged to offer horse riding at the wonderful Centre des Dudes just above Rolle. Based on the principal of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, the method taught puts the relationship with the horse first, with a focus on building a true partnership based on communication, respect, and trust. Students develop responsibility, self confidence, and leadership qualities as they learn to care for their equine partners.

Part of the Academic Journey

Extra Curricular Activities not only enrich our students’ lives outside the classroom but also play a pivotal role in enhancing their performance within it. ECA’s foster and promote essential life skills, time management, self discipline, and fuel a passion for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

Far from being "extra" to a student's education; they are integral components that contribute to a well-rounded and successful academic journey.