The Value of our British Education-british education-Nord Anglia Education
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05 May, 2023

The Value of our British Education

The Value of our British Education-british education-Screen Shot 20230505 at 161206

As The United Kingdom, commonwealth countries, and many diverse communities round the world prepare to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, it is poignant to reflect upon our own identity as the oldest international school in Shanghai, providing the full UK curriculum to international families for over twenty years. 

The Value of our British Education-british education

Providing a structured and well-rounded learning experience that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and independence, The UK National Curriculum furnishes young minds with the crucial skills required for success, not only in university and the workplace, but also in life beyond. It places emphasis on practical learning and problem-solving, enabling students to develop a deep understanding of subjects and gain the confidence needed to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts and situations. 

The Value of our British Education-british education

At Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong, ‘The Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage’ is where our children build the all-important foundations for their future development, ready for the countless opportunities ahead. With a rich 20-year history, our Early Years teachers are experts at catering to the individuality and uniqueness of every child in our care through established practices inspired by Reggio Emilio’s child-centered and inquiry-led approach.  

Building on these all-important foundations, our UK Primary curriculum provides educators with a rigorously comprehensive and age-specific approach to teaching and learning content. At its core lies the systematic development of foundational skills including reading, writing, and mathematics, followed by broader subjects including science, history, and geography.  

The Value of our British Education-british education

Every NAIS student in Primary benefits from our long-established Talk for Writing pedagogy, enabling each of them not only as successful writers, but also as confident and articulate story-tellers, drawing on a range of kinesthetic and oracy-based approaches. In Mathematics, ‘White Rose Maths’, now used by over 80% of schools in the UK, serves as our principal vehicle for developing our students as confident problem-solvers with creative and systematic approaches to reasoning across varied, engaging, and challenging contexts. 

The Value of our British Education-british education

With our rich and long-standing heritage comes our world-class secondary curriculum and International Baccalaureate Programme. Developing well-rounded individuals equipped with the skills and expertise required to compete with confidence in today's highly competitive job market, we pride ourselves on our outstanding personalised provision and care. Year upon year, our students achieve amongst the highest IB scores, far out-performing national and global averages, and with many students attending the world’s top ten universities. As an inclusive school, we are committed to seeing and nurturing both the value and potential within every individual in our school community, and to enabling all students to be confident, creative and considerate learners, prepared for their unique futures ahead. 

From all within our extended NAIS Pudong family, we share our best wishes and celebrations on this historic occasion, the coronation of His Royal Highness, King Charles III.