Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit-Juilliard Specialists Visit-Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
23 November, 2023

Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit

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Early this month marked a truly exceptional moment for the NAIS Pudong community as we had the privilege of hosting not one, but two distinguished specialists from The Juilliard School – Ms. Ashley Newman, a Juilliard Dance Curriculum Specialist, and Ms. Aurea Tomeski, a Drama Curriculum Specialist. The dynamic duo brought a wave of artistic energy, enriching our school with their expertise and passion for the performing arts.

Ashley Newman's Dance Extravaganza

Ms. Ashley Newman graced us with her presence and actively participated in insightful workshops alongside our dedicated teaching staff. Her engagement extended beyond discussions, as she personally led dance and movement classes, leaving an indelible impact on our students. The interactive sessions were not only a display of her technical prowess but also an embodiment of the profound connection between body, mind, and artistic expression.

Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit-Juilliard Specialists Visit

In addition to her involvement with students, Ashley took part in engaging parent forums, offering a holistic perspective on the significance of dance education. Her expertise shed light on the potential evolution of teaching methods, inspiring both educators and parents alike. Stay tuned for an upcoming video of an interview where she delves deeper into the importance of dance education, sharing her thoughts and experiences. A heartfelt thank you to Ashley for the knowledge and inspiration she generously shared with our school community!

Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit-Juilliard Specialists Visit

Aurea Tomeski's Dramatic Encounter

Simultaneously, the school resonated with the vibrancy of drama as Ms. Tomeski, Drama Curriculum Specialist from The Juilliard School, took centre stage. Her schedule was packed with meaningful interactions, including fruitful discussions with our Performing Arts teachers. Aurea's hands-on drama classes enthralled our students, providing them with a taste of the dramatic arts under the guidance of a true expert.

Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit-Juilliard Specialists Visit

Adding to the cultural exchange, Aurea kindly sat down for an interview, sharing her professional journey and insights into drama education. Her words echoed through the halls, inspiring both aspiring thespians and seasoned performers. We extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Aurea for her impactful visit.

The exchange of ideas between our faculty, students, and the Juilliard specialists has been invaluable, fostering a deeper understanding of the arts and their transformative power.  These opportunities are only available because of the unique collaboration between Nord Anglia Education schools and the global performing arts powerhouse that is The Juilliard School.  Our students and staff are truly blessed to be able to utilise this expertise.

Juilliard Dance and Drama Specialists Visit-Juilliard Specialists Visit

As we bid farewell to this enriching week, we eagerly anticipate more collaborations with The Juilliard School in the future, with a visit from their music specialist due in January 2024. Stay tuned for exciting updates on these memorable encounters!