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07 March, 2018

Experimenting and Exploring with Science

Experimenting and Exploring with Science The Ladybirds have enhanced their skills in planning and conducting investigations; gathering information; working as a team; and evaluating their findings IMG_3259__

The Ladybird class love experimenting and exploring their environment.

For several months now, this interest has had a science experimentation focus. The children have been trying to understand how and why things happen in the world around them, for example, why do water and oil not mix? It was therefore 16 eager Ladybirds who were ready and excited to delve deeper into their learning with an educational visit Science Centre at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. 

The children were first introduced to scientific concepts, such as, how rockets are launched. They looked at the elements of a rocket and watched it can shoot into the air with great speed and force whilst maintaining balance and pressure. 

The children's brains were challenged by the various activities they explored in the centre. They bent, climbed and crawled to get through a laser trap. They solved the mystery of how to escape an Optical Tunnel and Mirror Labyrinth; the latter of which involved feeling your way along mirrored walls surrounded by many images of yourself. 

Things got even more excited as the Ladybirds investigated natural disasters and forces. They were able to make tsunamis; sit in an earthquake simulator; and construct their own model houses to withstand earthquakes.

These experimental, fun activities help children understand the role that science plays in our lives. Through this investigational play, the Ladybirds have enhanced their skills in planning and conducting investigations; gathering information; working as a team; and evaluating their findings. What a wonderful opportunity it was for K1 to apply their scientific knowledge as they continue on this inquiry journey. 


Ms. Marushka Bunce

Kindergarten 1 Homeroom Teacher