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Key Stage 2: Making our school and the world better

We applaud the efforts of students at St Andrews International School and around the globe to make the world a better place...Renowned percussionist Mr Andy Gleadhill visited our school and brought music from around the world with him...Find out about improvements to Drop off zones, traffic flow and parking in and around Primary School.

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Striking for the Future

Last Friday saw a global campaign to raise awareness of the issues facing our planet. Led by children, the Climate Strikes saw young people from around the globe join together to challenge government to take issues of climate change seriously and to highlight that the damage done today has an impact on their futures and that change must happen now. 

This campaign is spearheaded by Greta Thunberg- a young climate activist from Sweden - who first came to global recognition with her speech at the UN Climate Change COP24 Conference back in December 2018.

A number of KS2 students chose to join the climate strike in Bangkok, which saw them march to the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment to voice their concerns and ask for government action.

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In school, we also raised awareness of these issues through discussions in class which revolved around a short presentation made by Mr Ewen and Mrs Susan- our sustainability coordinators. You can find a PDF version of this presentation here.

Marching to the Beat of the Drum

Last week, we were very lucky to be visited by Mr Andy Gleadhill - a world-renowned percussionist who visits schools around the globe hosting music workshops. Friday morning started off with two assemblies telling the story of the journey of the drum from Africa and through South and Central America. Across Thursday and Friday, he ran workshops with different groups from, including a masterclass with some of our talented drummers.

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New Traffic Flow System and Parking Arrangements

We have listened carefully to repeated concerns raised by parents about the issues around traffic flow and the parking situation in the main car park. We have been closely monitoring the situation to try to find solutions which benefit everyone. We have focused on three main areas to improve the situation- Drop off zones, traffic flow and parking. We hope that everyone can work together as a community to follow the new systems and help improve the situation in the car park. 


Drop off zones

To help ease the pressure on the car park, we will be introducing three new secure student drop off zones, as well as expanding and making better use of the current drop off zone (see map below). We have two drop off zones ready to use straight away (zones 1 & 2) with the other two zones estimated to be online before half term. 


The original drop off zone, which provides a safe, covered space to drop off children will soon be extended to create a longer drop off zone. This will start at the covered area in front of the canteen around to the walled area beyond the main entrance gate. A new drop off zone between gates 1 & 2 will provide a safe option for those with older primary aged children; this will help with the congestion as there is no need for cars using this drop-off to enter the main car-park. This zone, served by the freshly painted zebra crossings, will be manned by security guards/estates staff who will help students make their way safely to the school gate. We will soon be adding two more options for drop off, which should make your morning even smoother. For all drop off zones, we ask families to stick to the 15-second drop off time rule that will be applied in these areas, to help keep traffic flowing.


  • Drop off zone one: the area inside the car park from the front of the canteen round to the main gate

  • Drop off zone two: The space between Gates 1 & 2. This means cars don't need to come onto the car park.

  • Drop off zone three (coming soon): steps leading up to the new footpath leading from Sukhumvit 71 (7-11) to Gate 1 provide a safe place for children to make their way to the school. Security guards will be positioned at either end of the walkway.

  • Drop off zone four (coming soon): children can be dropped off in front of the 7-11 where an STA security guard will be positioned. This removes the need to go into Park Avenue completely.

*Drop off zones one and two are open for use now. We will update you when zones 3 & 4 are ready to use.

Traffic Flow

One of the main contributors to congestion in the car park is cars circling around. Having observed the situation closely, we have found that this is mainly cars driven by drivers waiting for their employers to collect their children and return to the vehicle. This creates a block which can result in the flow being completely stopped. To prevent this, from Monday 30th September, we will no longer be allowing cars to circle around the car park. Cars driven by drivers should exit the car park and should move to either Suk 71 (Pridi 24) or Max Valu where they can wait until signalled to return by their employer or until their employer goes to meet them by either walking to Suk 71 or by taking the shuttle bus to Max Valu.


We have also observed that some people are parking all day- either leaving their car in school while they go about their business or having their drivers wait all day with the vehicle. As of Monday 30th September, cars driven by a driver will no longer be allowed to park in the car park. They should use either Suk 71 or Max Valu.

New Parking Sticker

Everyone who uses the car park, whether for parking or pick up/drop off, needs to get a new parking sticker from the school office. To get one, you first need to add your car registration details on Moodle (up to 3 cars) by clicking on this link.

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If you have a driver, you will also need to add their name and telephone number. When you come to collect your sticker, the office will confirm that you have entered your details correctly before handing over the sticker.

*The old parent parking stickers (blue) will no longer be valid after Friday 27th September. Everyone who uses the car park must have a valid sticker.

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Please note that all day parking is not permitted in the school car park. Parking is limited and we ask you to be respectful of all users.

Coming soon...Kids Up relaunch

Kids Up is an app, designed by some of our parents, which makes picking up your child a quick and easy process. We will be re-launching this in the coming weeks and will be hosting an information session for parents. More details will follow soon, but in the meantime, you can find out more about the app here: https://www.kidsup.app/

Well Child Policy

Families who have been with us for some time will know that St Andrews International School Bangkok has a Well Child Policy that we share with parents so that we can work together to keep our community as healthy as we can.

For the benefit of new families, here is the essence of our policy...

In order to prevent illness spreading we ask that you keep your child at home until they are well again.

To avoid any confusion here is the definition of a well child:

  • A well child is not reliant on calpol, Tempra or other cold/flu medicine to get them through the day

  • A well child is well enough to join in school activities

  • A well child has a normal appetite

  • A well child is happy and sociable

  • A well child does not require greater staff ratio

  • A well child has normal bowel function

Please inform school or email the teacher directly if your child is sick. If we are aware of the illnesses the children have, we can work out strategies for preventing them spreading, so please inform us of what is wrong each time. 

Teachers teach the children how to use and dispose of tissues, and how to cough without spreading germs. They also teach them how to wash their hands thoroughly and encourage this regularly across the day. These are all the things you can support with at home.

As a school, we always do an additional Deep Clean in classrooms where we have had multiple instances of illness, to help prevent the spread. The nurse also checks the temperature of all of the children in these classes. Parents of any children found to have a fever will be contacted immediately so that they can be cared for at home.

As usual at this time of year when children come together after the long break, there are a number of coughs and colds going around school, some with, some without a fever. Thank you to those parents who are identifying symptoms in their children early in the morning and keeping them home. This is the best way of making sure we stop the spread of viruses.

 Upcoming events

  • Community Action Day + Sustainable Market - Monday 7th October

  • Sustainability and Science Week - wb 7th October

  • International Karaoke Competition - Thursday 17th October

  • International Day - Friday 18th October