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Sports Personality of the Year 2015

25 June 2015

The evening was held to celebrate the sporting achievements of the students within The British International School Budapest and beyond.  Awards were presented in a number of categories and the evening climaxed with the presentation of the most prestigious award, The British International School Budapest Sports Personality 2015!


  • Dominic
  • Elise
  • Dorka
  • Fanda
  • Matt
  • Parrmys
  • KS2 Floorball
  • KS3 Girls Squad
  • Jan
  • Jessica
  • Richard
  • Joanna
  • Clara
  • Tomi
  • Emma
  • Krystof
  • Mr Karacsony
  • Niu Niu
  • Trisztan
  • Veronka
  • Krysztof
  • Kincso

Winners 2015 - Sporting HERO


This was awarded to the individuals who demonstrated a number of extraordinary qualities over the past year within their Physical Education lessons and beyond at BISB. This award represents the following values: Hardworking, Enthusiastic, Reliable and Outstanding contribution within lessons and clubs.

Junior Sporting Hero - Dominic Turnbull

Dominic had a very successful season in competitive floorball and is probably one of the most thoughtful students from his year, he’s certainly not lacking in his skills or football awareness, and this is the child who everyone should be on the lookout for in the upcoming season. A true hero in anyone’s eyes and thoroughly deserved of this award, well done Dominic.

Senior Sporting Hero - Elise Farquhar

Elise encapsulates every part of the acronym HERO.  In every lesson during the last year she has always been hardworking, enthusiastic, reliable and outstanding. She is extremely likeable.  Her peers look up to her, her teachers entrust her and the young people she works with idolise her.  She has taken on leadership roles in the lesson and is seemingly at home when teaching others to be the best they can be.

Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero is an award that spans across primary, secondary and both boys and girls.  The nominees have in their own way gone above and beyond the norm, putting others first in their efforts. They are all outstanding role models and should be recognised for their contribution to PE, sport and the PE Faculty.

Junior Girls Unsung Hero - Dorka Tuske

As Junior Girls Unsung Hero, we are certainly singing about the contributions Dorka has made this year to both the netball and football teams.  Dorka is the member of the team who quietly goes about her role, always with a smile and positive attitude.  In Netball she is a versatile player, who can adapt to play any position, when needed, performing with confidence and energy.  In football Dorka has proved to be the core of the team.  Highly determined, she works hard and never gives up.

Junior Boys Unsung Hero - Fanda Mach

Fanda is one of the nicest and most hard-working players in the squad who has an amazing impact on the football and floorball teams, both on the pitch and off. He is always ready to jump in and take on a new role, be it a defending position in football, a midfield-attacker role in floorball or simply waiting on the bench as a sub for his next turn, observing and encouraging his teammates.  In floorball he has been mastering and honing his skills which will without doubt make him a FANDAmental member of any team in the future.

Senior Boys Unsung Hero - Matt Wojcik

Matt is a reliable and dedicated member of the football and volleyball teams at BISB. He is always cheerful and although he works hard, he would never miss an opportunity to tell a joke or make a funny comment at his own or others’ expense. He is always full of energy, therefore it is exceptionally demanding to offer him a drill that physically challenges him. As a setter in volleyball he proved to be an excellent game maker and has taught many of the junior players how to become successful in this key position. Ever dependable and always giving his best at every sport.

Senior Girls Unsung Hero - Parrmys Noohi

Parrmys is one of the most enthusiastic members of TEAM BISB; a key member of the school's volleyball team, a determined Basketball player and a hardworking and reliable student in every aspect of the BISB sporting scene.  She is a pleasure to teach and acts as the ideal role model for younger pupils around the school. Parrmys is always happy and positive and this truly affects those she works with. She is a real credit to our sporting community and we were proud to present her with the Unsung Hero award.

Team of the Year

Team of the year is awarded to the teams which have shown an excellent level of commitment to their training and shown outstanding performances when representing the school.  They have achieved highly as a team and provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, which ultimately encourages and inspires others to achieve.

Junior Team of the Year - Key Stage 2 Floorball

The team has the successful combination of a wide variety of talent and also a high level of skill in almost every position of the game, making it a pleasure to work with these boys. Without having had much game experience in competitive situations, this keen group of boys proved to be worthy opponents in the recent Nord Anglia Sports Tournament and achieved a much respected second place, playing against far more experienced opposition. Each player gave their very best on competition day with notable performances from all members of the team. They never missed an opportunity to get together and play for a few minutes and would always be there for training regardless of the time, day, season or availability of facilities.

Senior Team of the Year - Key Stage 3 Girls Squad

After much deliberation, it was decided that as the same group of girls were involved in all teams, it seemed only fitting that the KS3 girls, as a squad, should receive this award.  In netball they dominated every game they played in, not only with the skills they demonstrated on court, but also with their attitude and sportsmanship, they earned the respect of both their coaches and the officials umpiring the matches. Starting the Volleyball season with an outstanding 1st place in the DVAC Festival at AISB in March without losing a single set, this really established the standard for the rest of the season. In football they have become much stronger, so much more competitive and are role models for younger girls thinking of taking up the sport.  

Most Improved Player

These students consistently strive to “be the best” which is a demonstration of the values, attributes and attitudes which are part of the core standards at BISB. They have shown determination and persistence; continuing to work hard even when they are confronted with new challenges.  This determination has enabled them to clearly progress throughout the year. 

Junior Boys Most Improved Player - Jan Pruzinec

No matter what he is involved in, true determination is something that best describes his mentality when it comes to playing a game or practising a drill. He enjoys watching the older players and always tries to learn something that could benefit his own and his team’s performance in a later game. On the football field, Jan has gone from strength to strength, to the point now where not even his coach can push him over. This clearly shows the progress that this young man has made in football.

Junior Girls Most Improved Player - Jessica Morris

Jessica has gone from strength to strength this year in both the netball and football teams. In netball, Jessica has improved her positional play and now makes excellent diagonal runs across the court to open up the playing area.  In football, Jessica has worked so hard to develop her shooting and tackling this year, and has had many successes in doing so. Jessica is also great at finding space, and exploiting the weaknesses of the other team’s defense. Jessica never gives up, and we look forward to seeing the potential Jessica is showing flourish.

Senior Boys Most Improved Player - Richard Kovac

As coaches with dozens of children to work with, we rarely meet anyone as receptive and enthusiastic to step forward and take risks as Richie.  Asking him to play in the key position in centre defence at multiple levels in football or as a setter, the game maker in volleyball, was always received with a confident response of “sure” or “yes, that’s ok.”  Most importantly, he was a teammate that was dependable at training sessions without expecting anything more than an opportunity to play a game.  Through his leadership on and off the field, he was able to provide an opportunity to play beautiful football, floorball and volleyball that his teammates, coaches, and spectators appreciated.

Senior Girls Most Improved Player - Joanna Blanckaert

Joanna has made leaps and bounds, quite literally this year! In netball she has emerged as a very competent and reliable member of the team.  As the year has progressed, she has grown in confidence and stature on the court.  Her defensive positioning and decision making has improved, moving around her player to either be between ball and player or between player and post. In Football Joanna has made a significant improvement from the last year. Initially she struggled to find her place in the team but has gradually become more prominent and established in the team. Her hard work and resolute attitude has been instrumental in this success and demonstrates her love for sport.

Most Valuable Player

This award is given to the individuals who quite simply their team could not do without. The Most Valuable Player is someone who shows qualities both on and off the sports field. Their contributions to the success of our teams is recognised by the nomination they have received for this award.

Junior Girls Most Valuable Player - Clara Neel

Clara has proved herself time and time again as an extremely valuable member of any team.  Her understanding of the game, presence on the court or pitch and advice to her team mates has made her stand out in the eyes of those who have coached her. In netball, Clara’s outstanding ability and tireless determination helped her make numerous interceptions, regaining possession for the team and proving a rock in defense. In Football, Clara has been a solid performer and leading figure in goal for team BISB.  Clara has shown much bravery over the season, demonstrated by every save she has made, putting herself second for the cause. An extremely deserving winner of junior girl’s most valuable player, well done Clara.

Junior Boys Most Valuable Player - Tomi Tian

He has an outstanding work ethic and passion for all sports. These are only two of the numerous characteristics that Tomi possesses and that help to make him such a respected player. Even if Tomi has a pulled muscle or a bruised leg it will never keep him down, he never has a frown on his face, never gives up and always get back up. He ensures the defensive line is tight when the team switches into attack.  He appears from nowhere and stops amazing strikers in their tracks.  The team has a strong foundation when Tomi is on the field, which provides the rest of the players with an environment to be creative and thoughtful.

Senior Girls Most Valuable Player - Emma Farkas

The winner of the Senior Most Valuable Player goes to a player who has always put 100% into every game.  A determined and competitive player, Emma leaves her heart and soul on the court when she plays. Integral to the netball team, Emma has always displayed an excellent understanding of the game by her positioning on court and decision making skills during a match.  She is a key player when moving defense into attack and opens up the court with her cross court passes and runs. In football Emma has been on fire this year will a goal tally of 47 goals in 24 matches.  Emma has razzled and dazzled in her position of left attacking midfield where she benefits from her teammates support, allowing her to capitalize whenever the opportunity arises.

Senior Boys Most Valuable Player - Krystof Pridal

Krys is an exceptionally talented young gentleman. His calm, quiet, hardworking and likeable personality paired with his notable level of skill has made him a highly successful player across a wide spectrum of sports at BISB, and a role model for many young athletes in the team. . His unstoppable and enthusiastic approach towards basketball and his brilliant attacking and ball handling skills in Volleyball helped our teams to perform to a very high level in our first DVAC season. He does not only perform beautifully in every position that he plays but is always open to instructions and is dedicated to improving his skills by consistently working hard.

Coach of the Year - Gergo Karacsony

Coach of the Year is an award we would like to acknowledge simply because of the incredibly important relationship between the teachers, coaches and pupils that is paramount for success at BISB. When this relationship is mutually respectful, honest and trusting we see the best results. This award celebrates the dedication and enthusiasm that both the pupils and staff demonstrate. Gergo always goes above and beyond for ALL the teams he coaches, the number of clubs he dedicates his own time to is second to none.  Not only does he coach all the boys and girls volleyball teams across the Key Stages but he also looks after all the floorball teams too. As well as this Gergo also spends many hours of research and planning, making sure not only his teams but others in the school have as much sporting opportunity as possible. His enthusiasm and commitment to the pupils of BISB has them hanging off his every word, this has led to a very successful sporting year at BISB, where our amazing pupils have won numerous awards and accolades, one of the highlights was seeing the Senior Team placed 1st overall at the Nord Anglia Tournament in Lausanne.

Outstanding Contribution

This is a unique and special award and is given to one individual who has gone above and beyond their role here within BISB, be it pupil, teacher, support staff or coach. Without their ‘Outstanding Contribution’ during their time at BISB the sporting arena would definitely not have been the same place.

Niu Niu Nie 

NiuNiu made an outstanding contribution to BISB in the past few years not merely as an athlete but also in many other areas of the community.  In the last two years she has been a core member and captain of the KS4/5 girls volleyball team and had a real influence on forming such a successful and strong team. As a setter she is the game maker, therefore the team's successes lay in her hands; or more specifically at her fingertips. With her successful leadership skills, the girls won their first two DVAC festivals in the autumn season and had further successes in the later terms of the year.

Excellence Award

This is an award given to individuals who have shown excellence within their sporting field. The amount of students at the school who are performing at a regional level and beyond is growing year by year and the creation of this award is testament to the outstanding levels being achieved by our students. 

Junior Excellence Award - Trisztan Abonyi

Trisztan started playing ice-hockey five years ago at the age of 4. He now plays up one division and also plays full rink, which is rare at his age. He attends three training sessions and has games every week. Due to the Hungarian Ice-hockey Federation’s regulations there is no ranking in the younger divisions until they turn 14, however, he was awarded the best player in last year’s international tournament. Trisztan is currently training at Gepárd SE, one of the strongest teams in Budapest and plays Midfield-attack in his team.  Well done Trisztan, BISB is very proud to present you with this award.

Senior Excellence - Veronka Szabo

Veronka deserves total recognition for her success and achievements within synchronised swimming.  She is currently ranked National Champion in two age categories Under 15 and Under 18.  She has also achieved two top spots in the Slovakian and Croation Open this year.  She has participated in the Olympic Hopes in Bratislava and gained yet another first place.  Due to her true grit and determination Veronka is the youngest member of the Hungarian team and represents them in the solo, team and combination categories.  She is currently competing in the European Games in Baku and we as a department are anxiously awaiting her results. Watch out Rio 2016.

Junior Sports Personality 2015

This award is given in recognition for the outstanding young pupils we have at BISB. With their strong leadership attributes, dedication to extra-curricular activities and high standards within PE lessons, these nominees may be ones to watch for the future Sports Personality of the Year! 

Krzysztof Romanski 

Krzys makes an outstanding contribution to BISB in every aspect of competitive sport and curricular Physical Education. He is an unstoppable, energetic athlete with an eminent level of enthusiasm, motivation and is a likeable personality. These characteristics have all contributed towards him becoming a highly successful player in all his teams.  He always keeps an open mind to coach’s suggestions and eagerly tries to incorporate new techniques, suggestions, and recommendations into his football and floorball.  Watching his team mates circle around him only exemplifies the personality that he exudes: he is calm, collected, enthusiastic, and has a relentless energy. Ever reliable and always giving his best at every sport, Krzys is a thoroughly deserving winner of this prestigious award.

Kincso Kamilly

Kincső is truly an all-round athlete, who does not only show talent in every physical activity she is associated with, but is also an inspiration and leader. A mature player not just on the court but in her academic studies, she tries to perform to a high standard in all aspects of her school life.  She has been invaluable to the Volleyball team and has been instrumental when mentoring and inspiring the younger players. Her influential presence on the volleyball and basketball court has been immense and has allowed both teams to go from strength to strength.  She is an inspirational young lady and will be fundamental in the development of Team BISB over the next couple of years. She is unquestionably destined for great things and we look forward to seeing her develop her sporting prowess at BISB.