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BISC Airlines, Ready For Takeoff

“Please fasten your seat belts, stow your tray tables and prepare for takeoff.”

  • takeoff

The Ducks class were already to set off on an adventure this week, flying around the globe in their very own plane.  The classroom was transformed into an airport complete with pilots, passengers and flight attendants all learning how to weigh their luggage, check-in for flights, find their seat numbers and eat their snack on board. 

The children packed their suitcases and brought their boarding passes ready for a flight on BISC airlines. Mrs. Milford was in charge of airport security, assisting the passengers scan their luggage and keeping us all safe.

"Did you pack your case yourself madam?"

"Did I take out my liquids?"

Pilot do difficult job and so we all contemplated what a pilot may worry about (after this question was posed by one of our students).

Thankfully they worry so we don’t have to!