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Parents Corner – 25/11/16

25 November 2016

After a busy International Week, you may have thought that the parent group would take a break. Well no, once again this week parents have been involved in a lot of different activities such as singing, baking, selling tickets or helping the two other PTGs for the Whole School morning coffee. Find out more here in our post.

This week started with the last meeting before the whole school morning coffee. It was my pleasure to join Eva and Duyen. I must thank them for coordinating with APS and APP; you’ve done a great job ladies. By joining in at the last minute, I could see how much effort the three campuses, parents, teachers and Ms Clover (community service project manager) had put into the event. The best part after the meeting was the opportunity to have a coffee with the APP parents and get to know each other. Everyone was very excited about the event on Friday. In next week’s Parents Corner, we’ll tell you everything about the morning coffee. But before let’s go back in time and talk about last Friday 18th November at TX. 

Teachers' day

Last Friday, BIS families celebrated Teachers’ day. This special day for educators is either, not celebrated at the same time around the world or, not celebrated at all. More than 100 countries have it on their calendar and for a lot of them it’s on October 5th, which is known as, “World Teachers' Day”. Teachers’ day is described as “a token of awareness and appreciation towards the work of teachers and the important contribution they make to education and development” (Source: Unesco). This originates back to the 20th century. But back to Vietnam, here is what I found about it:

“Teachers’ Day dates back to the late 1950s. In 1957, Vietnamese educators participated in a meeting for teachers from socialist countries held in Warsaw, Poland. The anniversary of the meeting was first celebrated in Vietnam in 1958 as the Day of the International Manifesto of Educators. In 1982, it was renamed Vietnamese Teachers' Day. Teachers' Day allows Vietnamese students to express their gratitude and respect to their teachers. It is usually celebrated with special events held at schools, such as concerts, recitals, and exhibitions. The classes are cancelled for the day. Students typically give their teachers flowers, greeting cards and small gifts. Former students visit their former teachers either at school or at home to thank them for their hard work and dedication. The Minister of Education of Vietnam usually addresses teachers on the occasion of their professional holiday, expressing gratitude for their contribution to society.” (Source: anydayguide.com)

Therefore last Friday was a very special day at school. It started at 7.40am with a group of parents and students delivering grapes, roses and a “paper boat” filled with chocolates to Ms Mary, Mr Ian and the specialist teachers. Then each Class Rep had something special in store for their class teacher; from cards to mugs, pillows to cakes and speeches made by parents.  It was somehow Christmas before Christmas for our beloved and dedicated teachers. TX had a surprise guest on that day, Mr Tim, so he also received a special token of gratitude. 


Usually I interview parents but on Teacher’s day I asked a few TX teachers to tell me more about their feelings regarding this celebration.  

“We don't have teachers’ day in the UK. When I first arrived in Vietnam, I wondered why we don't.  It is such a positive day that helps to build the community.  I think communication is one of the building blocks of a strong community. The appreciation and messages that are sent to teachers at this time of year reinforce the partnership that exists.  We all like to see our efforts are valued and appreciated.” (Mr Ian)


“I am always surprised by how respectful and generous parents at TX are. Although I have now come accustomed to the annual Teachers’ Day, it never fails to make me feel appreciated. All the TAs and teachers here at TX work incredibly hard and it is wonderful to see and feel that our efforts do not go unnoticed.” (Mr Mike)


“For me, it was a complete surprise that teachers have a special day when they are celebrated in Vietnam. It is very different culturally from the UK. It is wonderful to be acknowledged and thanked for the hard work we do, but we do not expect to have a special day of thanks.” (Ms Jules)


“When I first arrived here, I was quite surprised that in Vietnam they have a 'Teachers’ Day'. This doesn’t exist in the UK and it seemed a little strange to me that you're celebrated for just doing your job. I do think however, that it's a lovely idea and it feels really nice to know that the hard work you put in each day is appreciated and acknowledged. It would be great to have a similar event in the UK!!!” (Ms Kirstine)

Please find all pictures from that lovely Friday in this album: https://goo.gl/photos/mttdUjggrqb2CJFEA

Have you got your ticket?

This year the Parent Group is happy to help Ms Emma to sell the raffle tickets for the BISzarre, which is being held on Saturday 3rd December in APS. First sales were made on Tuesday morning and by the afternoon the second team had sold almost everything leaving the next team with only 10 booklets to sell! Well done! You have done a very good job. Next week Ms Emma will receive more tickets and we’ll kindly ask for your help to sell again. And don't forget to buy yours; there are many amazing prizes on offer!

Selling raffle tickets

Parents' choir

The rehearsals started on Tuesday. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s still possible to join. Please contact Ms Duyen so you can be added on the Whatsapp singing group to receive the files to practise at home. 

The choir will meet on the following days:

·         Monday, Nov 28th (room to be confirmed)

·         Wednesday, Nov 30th (MPR)

·         Tuesday, Dec 6th (room to be confirmed)

·         Thursday, Dec 8th (room to be confirmed)

·         Monday, Dec 12th (room to be confirmed)

·         Tuesday, Dec 13th Final rehearsal before the concert (MPR)

I’ve heard that another choir, a teachers one this time, will also perform at the concert…;) 


Baking session to prepare the whole school morning coffee

Nine parents took part in the baking session. They baked:

  • one mascarpone and lemon cake
  • 2 apples pies
  • 25 chocolates truffles
  • 30 sand roses
  • one orange cake
  • granola bars
  • one large size brownie
  • one olive, emmental cheese and ham bread
  • 19 chocolate chips cookies (it seems someone ate one as we can’t find number 20 ;-) ) 

Guys, you are ready to open a bakery or a café! It was actually hard to stop them; they just wanted more recipes. It was a fun and friendly morning which ended up in a restaurant in Thao Dien. 

Next week we’ll tell you everything about the whole school morning coffee.

Baking 2

Parent lunch

If you have not signed up yet, you still have time until this Sunday evening to register. Come and enjoy! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8sIG6xw5I460MGT-cxHS4ebhqqEbtIn6hukjOVPerlaHvnQ/viewform

Have a lovely weekend and be ready for next week!

Anne on behalf of the Parent Group.