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BIS HCMC Host Their First Ever Tech-No Day

Wean your teens from the sheen of screens!
When the idea of a no-technology day arose in our initial brainstorming we were reluctant at best: we knew how much the students here at BIS (us included) love using phones and laptops. However, after more consideration and discussion we realised we were becoming more keen on the idea and the potential challenges it could create. We love a challenge! Our continued focus on well-being and mental health reinforced how beneficial this day could be across the school. Achieving balance is something that we feel, in this day and age, is increasingly important and difficult to achieve. So...using our school as a guinea pig, we launched the social experiment that was BIS’ first TechNo! Day.


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While discussing what would take place during the event itself, we became aware that it was a great opportunity for us to connect, not just with our peers but with the other campuses in the BIS family as well. We had multiple meetings with the staff and student leaders of both the Junior and Early Years Campuses to help them plan and create their own TechNo! Days as well as having them assist us in brainstorming ideas of what we could do. In the end, we decided that at the Secondary Campus we wanted to keep things simple as to not derive from the main focus of the day, which was that no technology would be used. There were some activities, however, that we wanted to implement to ensure the day was as entertaining as possible. 

Firstly, there is a monthly acoustic lounge that takes place that we scheduled for TechNo! Day in the common room. This was a great success, providing a really calming ambience to

the common room which was far more busy than normal as without their phones, people seemed more inclined to think “well I might as well go along”. This was something we saw throughout our activities; our students were more willing to get involved in new experiences when they didn’t have technology available.

Another activity we had planned was the Spellin’ and Slangin’ event. In this, teachers and students were pitted against each other in a battle of the generations. Students had to guess the definition of old English words like “fudgel” and “snollygoster” whereas the teachers were challenged to define modern slang terms such as “yeet” or “skrt skrt”. This event was also popular with The Curve very quickly becoming packed to the brim with people either wanting to get involved or simply spectating the event.

"Our students were more willing to get involved in new experiences when they didn’t have technology available." Jess Bostock

Finally, our largest activity was the teacher-led workshops. We encouraged our teachers in the weeks leading up to TechNo! Day to think of screen-free education themed activities

that they enjoyed doing and that they could share with the students. Many students came to get involved and came away with new knowledge on things ranging from traveling to how to bathe a baby. Along with this, a taste of enjoyment arose from activities such as Mr McDevitt’s very popular drumming circle, including Mr.O’Neill and Mr.Mincher and their zealous participation.

We are proud to say that TechNo! Day proved to be very enjoyable for all, and while it may have been a challenge for many to leave technology behind for a whole day, the experienced they gained was definitely worth it. An example of a positive experience would

be a distinct lack of headaches reported by multiple members of staff and students alike. We look forward to hosting more beneficial and enjoyable events like this in the future in order to improve the school experience for everyone involved. 

Jess Bostock, Teacher of English and Drama