What are the benefits of IB Diploma?

How is the IB Diploma recognized?

University recognition is a primary concern for IBDP students. The discipline and work ethic necessary to complete the IBDP require considerable commitment from students. IBDP students who have performed well on examinations and have earned the IBDP expect colleges and universities to properly recognize this achievement.

Many colleges and universities have developed their own recognition policies. The individual policies vary greatly, but they all have one thing in common: they make it clear that they understand and appreciate the IBDP student and the rigor of the Diploma itself.

“Like the much larger and better-known Advanced Placement program, the IBDP offers high school students college-level courses through which they can earn college credits. But it also offers a special diploma recognizing a more rigorous course of study.” (The New York Times, “More Training Is Seen as Key To Improving Math Levels,” Diana Jean Schemo, February 2, 2006)