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October 23, 2019

Homecoming Week Success by Natalie Work (Class of 2021)

Homecoming Week Success by Natalie Work (Class of 2021) - homecoming-week-success-by-natalie-work-class-of-2021
Homecoming Week Success by Natalie Work (Class of 2021) This year’s Homecoming week and Homecoming Dance can definitely be described as unforgettable

This year’s Homecoming week and Homecoming Dance can definitely be described as unforgettable. As someone who helped plan it, it was a busy week to say the least.


We started off our Monday with pajama day, a tradition in the high school. Students wore comfy clothes that I am sure made everyone more relaxed at school. Our activity for that day was Mario Kart racing, Super Smash Bros, student musical chairs, teacher musical chairs, and limbo. We saw a variety of students show off their gaming skills, flexibility, and luck! 


We jumped into Tropical Tuesday, where kids wore tropical attire, perfect for living in Florida. We ended the day with powder ruff, where boys from each grade competed against each other in games of volleyball, while the varsity volleyball girls coached. The seniors ended up winning and defended their title. 


Next was Workout Wednesday, starting off the day with the PSAT. After that was finished, we had a field day for the rest of the afternoon where we had a variety of games for all students to play. The main event was powder puff (girl’s flag football) where the varsity football boys coached. The freshmen made an underdog-like appearance and ended up winning the whole event. They may have made the juniors a little worried for next year.  


Thursday was a day where students were free to choose whatever they wanted to in terms of dress-up; it was called past, present, future Thursday. We had our annual Lip Sync Battle where all grades created a number, performed it in front of the whole high school, and got evaluated by judges. The sophomores ended up winning with their reenactment of Avengers: Endgame, upsetting the reigning champs (the Juniors). This event is one of the student's favorites, and usually ends up in a lot of laughter. 


Friday was chaotic but in a good way. Friday is always spirit day, where students wear their grade’s class shirt. There was the parade, where clubs, sports teams, homecoming court, and grade floats went around the loop for the whole school. LS, MS, and HS were all there to celebrate homecoming week. Directly after, there was the pep rally, where everyone got riled up about the football game that evening, the homecoming princes and princesses were announced, and the cheer and dance teams performed. The senior boys always do a number with the cheerleaders where they perform a cheer routine; it always ends up being a fan favorite. The day then ended with the homecoming football game that night, where Homecoming Queen Emily Whitt and Homecoming King Andrew Reynolds were crowned. There is so much school spirit on this night, which makes it fun and unforgettable for everyone there. 


Lastly comes the Saturday Night homecoming dance, where we all danced the night away. This year’s theme was beach glow hoco, so the room was literally glowing. Almost the whole high school was at the dance, making for a fun atmosphere.


The seniors ended up winning homecoming week, but it is more than just the healthy competition; it’s more than what everyone sees on the surface. I know that this week brings everyone in the WPS community closer, which is all that anyone could ask for. Students are able to step out of their comfort zone, and are able to create memories that will make them a true Laker for life.  ~ by Natalie Work (Class of 2021)