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February 27, 2020

NAE Tanzania Expedition Has Begun

NAE Tanzania Expedition Has Begun Thirty Windermere Prep Juniors are on an Expedition in Tanzania, Africa

On Tuesday, February 25, thirty juniors in high school started their adventure to a Nord Anglia Education Expedition in Tanzania, Africa with their chaperones Dana Conroy, Mike Crocetti, Tiffany Elliott, and John McCall. During this expedition which students have been diligently preparing for throughout the school year, students will team up with another NAE school to complete various tasks that require hard work, sweat, and a great deal of effort. 


In the past, students have completed a variety of tasks including breaking rock to make concrete (that they then mix), building goat pens, building solar lighting and installing them in huts, creating mud cooking stoves, constructing desks for the schools, and more. After the work has been completed, the students embark on a safari. All that they do while in Tanzania creates a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our students that opens their eyes to the world around them in a meaningful way. ~ Dr. Leslie Williams, High School Director