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News image Golden Time - golden-time Blog
Golden Time
Your child may have mentioned ‘Golden Time’ over the last week. If you are new to the school, or would simply like a refresher on why we have Golden Time and how it all works, then this article will explain all.
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News image News Default Image Blog
Sir John Jones
Knighted in 2003 for his services to education, Sir John Jones epitomises the very best of British education, and this week he has invigorated our teachers prior to the start of our 2015-2016 Academic Year.
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News image Year 6 Present Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat! - year-6-present-joseph-and-the-amazing-technicolor-dreamcoat Blog
Year 6 Present Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!
Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic musical ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ finally came to BIS. With its family-friendly storyline, catchy songs and colourful costumes it was an ideal choice for the Year 6 production. Joseph was obviously his father’s favourite and therefore disliked by his brothers. Deciding to get rid of him, they sell him as a slave. How would Joseph survive in the far off land of Egypt? Would he ever be able to forgive his brothers? As the drama unfolded, the presence of characters like Joseph (all six of them!), his brothers, Pharaoh and Potiphar made you laugh and cry along the way.
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News image News Default Image Blog | Secondary Campus
Uniform and Lockers for The New School Year
The uniform shop at the Secondary Campus will be open in the auditorium from 8am to 4pm each day from 12th August to allow students to collect their uniforms. If you are unable to come into school before the start of the new school year, you may collect your uniform from the uniform shop on the first floor of the Secondary Campus from Wednesday 26 August onwards. Lockers: Students will be able to select a locker and place their own padlock on it during the school day on Wednesday 26 August. Lockers are allocated on a first come, first served basis so please make sure your child comes to school with their padlock on the first day. We recommend a combination padlock since this solves the problem of lost keys!
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News image ICT Learning – Fun, Excitement and Exploration - ict-learning-fun-excitement-and-exploration Blog
ICT Learning – Fun, Excitement and Exploration
There has been much fun and excitement in ICT this term, with our pupils combining the different skills they have learnt and applying them to various situations. From F3 pupils creating Animations, to Year 6 pupils designing, creating and publishing their very own websites.
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News image Tu Xuong Year 3 Visit Thien Phuoc Orphanage - tu-xuong-year-3-visit-thien-phuoc-orphanage Blog
Tu Xuong Year 3 Visit Thien Phuoc Orphanage
On Wednesday 17th June, some Year 3 children went to Thien Phuoc Orphanage to play with the children there. At first I was both nervous and excited but when we got there I saw a boy I remembered. He tried his best to make playdough models and that made me really happy.
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News image Year 11 Prom – 12 June 2015 - year-11-prom-12-june-2015 Blog | Secondary Campus | Events (SC)
Year 11 Prom – 12 June 2015
The Year 11 Prom took place last Friday night in the stunning location of The Thao Dien Village. The night was a celebration of the many years of work that our students have done towards their IGCSE examinations these past six weeks. Students started arriving at 6.30pm and they certainly dressed to impress. One passer-by thought Oscars night had arrived here in our very own Ho Chi Minh City as the glamour would not have been out of the place on the red carpet of Hollywood. The bespoke dresses and suits worn by the students certainly celebrated the tailoring talents of Vietnam.
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News image BIS Fundinotots - bis-fundinotots Blog
BIS Fundinotots
Fundinotots is a friendly place to meet other parents with young children. We provide an informal play environment with opportunities to take part in a range of activities such as painting, soft play, sand pit, water play, storytelling, large play apparatus, library time and music sessions. It is open to all children from 0 to 36 months and sessions run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning in the Early Learning Centre
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News image Romeo and Juliet - romeo-and-juliet Blog | Secondary Campus | Music and Drama (SC)
Romeo and Juliet
Our students are always up for a challenge and this week they showed how well they rise to them by performing the school’s first Shakespeare production in the original text, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This is the third collaboration between the English and drama department, aiming to bring to life the plays the students study in English. The production explored the themes of the conflict between the generations, and the oppression of women. The cast, from Years 10 and 12, were outstanding with dazzling performances in both year groups
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News image BIS IB Visual Arts Exhibition Invitation - bis-ib-visual-arts-exhibition-invitation Blog | Secondary Campus | Events (SC) | International Baccaulaurete (IB)
BIS IB Visual Arts Exhibition Invitation
As a celebration of the remarkable artistic achievements by nine of our Year 13 students, who have just completed their International Baccalaureate Visual Arts examinations, we are very proud to showcase some of their work.
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News image News Default Image Blog | Secondary Campus
Support For Nepal: Working With The British School Kathmandu
We, as part of this global community, seek to continue our support of people in need and help those less fortunate than ourselves. As such, during the next few weeks, BIS students will be working with the British School Kathmandu to raise funds to rebuild the local schools with the hope that we can ease the suffering of those who have been affected by the disaster. Every little bit counts towards assisting those in need and we hope you will give generously. Prefects will be collecting in school and awarding badges to the most generous.
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News image Year 10 Host a Party for Mai Tam House of Hope - year-10-host-a-party-for-mai-tam-house-of-hope Blog | Secondary Campus | Community (SC)
Year 10 Host a Party for Mai Tam House of Hope
On 15th April the Year 10’s hosted a party for one of our community partners, Mai Tam orphanage. Our Year 10 Students devised a number of fun activities for the children from Mai Tam House of Hope.
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News image Charlie and The Chocolate Factory - charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory Blog
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Last night Tu Xuong Primary put on an outstanding performance of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. From the moment the opening line was said to the final song the show was top quality and it was wonderful to see. The Roald Dahl classic story is about a little boy who finds one of five golden tickets in a Wonka chocolate bar and wins a lifetime supply of chocolate and a trip to Willy Wonka’s magical chocolate factory.
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News image Oliver! - oliver Blog
This production was indeed an epic undertaking in all sense of the word. With a huge cast of 71 performers, a complicated plot, challenging dramatic themes, rousing music and complex scenery, costumes and props, we definitely had our work cut out for us! But after many months of hard work and dedication from a very talented cast and extremely supportive parents and staff we finally made it… and what a performance it was! As Mr Simon reflected, it was almost unbelievable that this production was performed so well by children between the ages of 7 and 11.
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News image Year 7 Madagui Trip - year-7-madagui-trip Blog | Secondary Campus | Trips (SC)
Year 7 Madagui Trip
This year's Year 7 trip to Madagui was an action-packed adventure, full of opportunities to challenge students and work together in teams. An action-packed week of zip-lining, rock climbing, bamboo raft building, sports games, water polo, community service, camping, archery, basket weaving and scavenger hunting was enjoyed by all and the students set a fine example in how to get the most out of the experience.
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News image Tu Xuong Sports Day - tu-xuong-sports-day Blog
Tu Xuong Sports Day
Lots of fun was had as the children took part in activities such as javelin, various track events and long jump at the Tu Xuong Primary Sports Day 2015! Well done to everyone for taking part with such good sportsmanship and a positive attitude.
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News image A Trip to Dam Sen Amusement Park - a-trip-to-dam-sen-amusement-park Blog
A Trip to Dam Sen Amusement Park
As part of their IPC topic ‘Fairgrounds’, Year 6 paid a visit to the Dam Sen Amusement Park
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News image Year 8 Da Lat Trip - year-8-da-lat-trip Blog | Secondary Campus | Trips (SC)
Year 8 Da Lat Trip
The last week of January saw Year 8s travelling to Da Lat in the Central Highlands for a week of adventure, teamwork and fun. Students enjoyed trekking through beautiful countryside, camping, raft building, abseiling, zip lining, interacting with students from a hearing impaired school, sightseeing, dancing and more.
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