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13 September, 2019

Learning About Imre Madách

Learning About Imre Madách

As part of their Hungarian Literature studies, our Year 13 Hungarian students have been learning about Imre Madách.  He was a Hungarian aristocrat, writer, poet, lawyer and politician and his major work is The Tragedy of Man (1861). This is a dramatic poem which elaborates on ideas comparable to Goethe's Faust. Madách was born, lived and worked in his family castle in Alsósztregova, the Kingdom of Hungary (today Dolná Strehová, Slovakia).


On Tuesday 10th September, the Year 13 Hungarian Literature students visited the castle and museum with Mrs Piry and Mr Puskás to place their knowledge in a real life context. Through the interactive exhibition, they had the chance to deepen their previous reading experience and become well prepared for their oral commentary exams.


“The exhibition revolved around the works of Imre Madách. This would benefit us immensely as our oral exams address the same topics. Seeing the concepts and themes of play represented visually is fun and memorably way to learn.” (Vanda)


“I loved the representation of the play. We got to walk through all of the acts of the original play. The display were all symbolic of parts of the plays. The museum went from the life of the writer to the play, which made us understand how the play was linked to the author.” (Eperke)