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26 September, 2019

Dragon Boat Trip

Dragon Boat Trip Lesley_DSC01664

On the 16th September, we in Year 6 went Dragon Boat racing. In the morning I was very excited because I had never tried that before.


When we arrived, we sat down on the benches. A man told us all about the history of Dragon Boats. After that, he told us how to hold the paddle and how to paddle. He said that we had to row at the same time because the boat is very heavy. It is 300 kg, and if we sit in it, it's going to be much, much heavier.


After that, they told us about the rules and separated us into two groups. I was in the first so I went to put on my baseball hat, drank water and headed to my line. We got our life jackets, took a paddle and sat in the Dragon Boat. I was in the yellow boat.


When I stepped into the boat, I could feel the boat swinging right and left. I was nervous, I was concentrating on not falling in the water. Luckily, I didn't. We paddled a big circle. When we were coming back we had a race. The yellow boat won the race. I was happy to be in the winning team. Then we climbed out of the boat and ate our lunch.


After lunch, we had some free time. The boys were playing football, the girls mostly played on the monkey bar. Then the groups swapped and we went to play ball games, which was so much fun. It was one of the most memorable days of my life.


By Hanna Kecskes 

Year 6 Amber