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31 October, 2019

Art Classes at "The Tube"

Art Classes at "The Tube"

The Art Department has recently moved to the spacious Art Centre that we affectionately call “The Tube”. Both art rooms have plenty of daylight, wonderful views, lots of workspace and room to store our many supplies.

Wednesday was the final assessment time for Ms Barabas' GCSE Art classes. Ms Barabas' Year 10 students were putting the finishing touches in their workbooks. These art journals show the thinking and experimenting journey of each student, from object studies to larger theme-based artworks. The theme this year is “Growth and Change”. We started by looking at growth and change in nature. Each student did observation based on drawings of natural objects, such as shells, interesting plants, bones, rocks and nests. After their studies they focused on one object of choice and created a relief plate (a collagraph) out of fragments that simulate the lines, shapes and texture seen on their object. They did relief prints, mixing ink colors to suggest a mood.

For their final artwork, students did personal mind maps interpreting the Growth and Change theme to express an original idea. Some students focused on environmental issues, others looked at the life cycle, at transitions and seasonal change. Some of their final pieces and journal pages can be seen in these pictures.